When You Cherish Your Son-In-Law

                                My daughter, grandson and son in law.

My son in law is a wonderful husband and a great father. I love watching him with my grandson. Not only are they father and son, but they’re buddies. They truly hang out, lol. I also love the fact that he gets up with my grandson while my daughter sleeps in. He fixes his breakfast, gives him a bath, selects his cloths and spends hours reading and playing with him. This man bakes his son brownies and makes pancakes, takes him to doctor’s appointments, and the barber. He even cleans the house. Most importantly he’s employed and provides shelter and health benefits for both of them.

I wanted him to know that he’s a blessing in my family and that I’m truly grateful for his presence in our life. I had this delicious vanilla cake with chocolate icing made for him and added the Laker’s color, his favorite NBA team. He loved it. He’s so humble, something this simple truly makes him happy. We did throw in a little cash and a gift certificate for a car detail.

                               My grandson blowing out daddy’s birthday candles.

It was wonderful to have my siblings and their children and their children present as well. Every one had a great time. The children played and the adults consumed lots of food and drink. My holiday appetizers were “banging” and the punch was wonderful. I tried a different punch this year. I used rainbow sherbet and ginger ale. It was delicious.

My niece dancing to All The Single Ladies by Beyonce.
I made honey glazed chicken wings and chicken tenders wrapped in maple bacon, which were devoured as well as his favorite dishes which included potato salad, crock pot baked beans, Lil Smokies in BQ sauce, Lil Smokies in a Blanket, deviled eggs, meatballs and the list goes on. Here’s the Chicken Tenders and the Honey Glazed Wings recipes.

                               What? We didn’t touch him!

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but I do intend to live up to spending more time with my family this year. Although I love blogging and blog hopping, I’ve found myself spending hours and hours on the computer. As a result, I must adjust my schedule. I have a wonderful relationship with all of my siblings. One of my brothers said, There was nothing better than family, football and food.” I hope you will cherish your family and let them know that you appreciate their presence in your life during the new year.



  1. He sounds like an amazing father and husband indeed! I think it's really great that you are showing him how much he is appreciated and a part of your family. I wish my own parents where as welcoming and kind to my own amazing husband of 12 years as you are to your SIL.

  2. It's really a wonderful thing when family can get along so well. We're not so lucky, but as a family unit we still have a great time.

    Your SIL and grandson do look adorable

  3. your daughter is a lucky woman. Your grandson is to cute.

  4. Sounds like a great guy..such a sweet post and thanks for sharing the pics of those adorable little munchkins 😉

  5. I just have to say….What a sweet post!! That is so awesome that you love and appreciate your son in law. My Mom is the same way with my husband and he adores her! Your daughter is a lucky girl! 😉

    PS- Can I come over next time you cook all that yummy food!? Im drooling here! :0

  6. What a wonderful mother-in-law you are and such a nice tribute! 

    My charming-son-in-law's a wonderful husband and father too – and I count my blessings every day!

  7. Your daughter is a lucky woman. I hope my daughter finds herself a good guy like that. Unfortunately, they aren't always that easy to find. So as you have found, when you do, you cherish them!

    Happy New Year!