Wedding Tips for the Flower Girl or Ring Bearer

Wedding Tips Making sure your flower girl or ring bearer walks down the aisle without incident can be a major undertaking. In many instances the short trip can end with a tantrum or tears.  So, how do you avoid drama with your flower girl or ring bearer?   The following are wedding tips on how to make your child shine when in the spotlight.

Strengthen the Relationship

You can do your best to teach your child good manners.  However, whether it’s due to a lack of sleep, irregular schedule or hunger, toddlers are going to have bad moments.  So, you will need to prepare your child for various situations.  Especially, if they have been asked to participate in a wedding as a flower girl or ring bearer.  They may be fearful, especially if the couple are not regulars to your home.  So, one of our wedding tips is to spend as much time with the bride and groom as you can.  Be sure to include your child so they can feel comfortable with them too.

Bribe Them

Although you don’t want to start a pattern of bribing your child, it could work when coaxing them down the aisle.  The bride and groom typically choose great groomsmen gifts to show their appreciation to the wedding party. Gifts can include cufflinks, engraved wallets and beer mugs. Also, personalized necklaces, bracelets, tote bags and wine openers are special mementos for the female attendants.  A plush toy, doll or race car can be a great incentive for coaxing toddlers down the isle.

Go Above and Beyond

Young children are less likely to misbehave when in a formal setting.  Go above and beyond the call of duty to create a fun environment for them.  If your male child loves cars, let him carry a toy sports car as he makes his way down the aisle. If your little lady loves horses, get her a mini stuffed pony.  You can place it in the flower basket and cover it with the flowers.  She can uncover it as she making her way down the aisle.

Practice Makes Perfect

Children are anything but perfect. But, if you want them to show less fear and anxiety give them time to become familiar with a setting.  Furthermore, show them a video where they will see what their duties entail. Let them become accustomed to people watching them. Guide them through the steps of walking down aisle.  Also, let them practice tossing petals or carrying the ring bearers pillow. It can take a number of sessions for your child to master this important job.  Patience is important.

Let Them Have a Voice in What They Wear

You want your children to be comfortable with their wedding attire.  Although you may want them dressed somewhat formally, let them have a voice in what they are wearing.  Pick out a few outfits that meet with the approval of the bride and groom.  Let them choose what they would like to wear.  Also, if you’re planning on having them at the reception for a period of time, pick out comfy clothes they can change into.

Stay on Schedule

Children do best when sticking to a schedule. If the bride and groom are planning to take photos hours before the actual wedding, they shouldn’t expect your child to sit through this long process.  If they don’t have children, they need to be reminded that kids get tired easily.  It may be best to take pictures immediately after the wedding ceremony. If there is time between the wedding and reception, put your child down for a nap.  Hopefully, they’ll be refreshed and ready for the next event.

Meet Your Child Down the Aisle

One of our biggest wedding tips is to not expect your little one to walk down the aisle without a hitch.  Have a member of the wedding party meet your child down the aisle. If they see a familiar face, they may be happy to glide their way down the isle.  However,  an adult should be ready to remove them in case they get unruly during the ceremony.

Even if you do everything right to try and keep your youngsters happy, children are unpredictable.  And, they may still experience a meltdown.  However, by using the wedding tips above you have a greater chance of the child surviving the ceremony without too much negativity.



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