17 Ways Moms Can Relax and Refuel

ideas for moms to relax


As moms, nose wipers, chauffeurs, chef, referees and a host of other positions there are times that we need to refuel.    Often, we don’t take the time to regroup emotionally and or physically after our everyday responsibilities.  Being a mother becomes a most important position, and we give it our all.  We usually neglect our health, walk around sleep deprived, eat poorly, and forget that we need to feed our spirit.

Also, there’s nobody to blame, we just don’t make ourselves  a priority.  Our life simply becomes habit.  It’s equivalent to the alarm going off at the same time every morning.  We can learn to make ourselves a priority. Here’s a few ways moms can relax:

  1. Have a Spa Day – Make an appointment to have a facial or pedicure and manicure.  Have a limited budget,  spend afternoon soaking in the tub.  Burn some candles, play some relaxing, and enjoy a cup of tea or your favorite wine.
  2. Take a long walk – Hit the walking trail or take a long walk around the neighborhood, park or other scenic route.
  3. Go for a long drive – Grab your favorite CDs or turn on your favorite radio station.  Enjoy the scenery and just clear your head.
  4. Spend the day watching your favorite movies – I love watching old movies.  Grab your favorite snacks and a box of tissues for those heart wrenching movies, and just enjoy the day.
  5. Order take out  – Curl up with a good book or movie.
  6. Catch up on those free Kindle ebooks or your magazines – Next, curl up in front of the fire, relax on the deck, under a tree and read a good book or flip through your favorite magazines.
  7. Treat yourself – Order your favorite latte, ice cream, sushi bar or whatever it may be.  No sharing, this is for you.
  8. Spend the day at a museum – Check out the art museum or whatever museum is close to you.
  9. Take a bike ride – Pull out the bike and take a ride through the park or on your favorite bike trail.
  10. Do crafts – Crochet that scarf or hat, finish a scrapbook or sew that new dress.
  11. Set up a girls night – Whip up a few appetizers and cocktails, and laugh until your heart is content.
  12. Catch up on the sermons at church that you’ve missed or read the bible – Great way to renew your spirit and relieve some stress.
  13. Hike – Grab you hiking gear and hit the trails.
  14. Sleep – Put your best sheets on your bed and stretch out under your favorite comforter.  Take a long and much needed nap.
  15. Shop – Go shopping for bargains at your favorite stores.
  16. Skype/FaceTime – Fix your favorite beverage and chat with a friend.
  17. Talk a walk on the beach – Clear your head and enjoy the ocean breeze.

So, taking care of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually is a must.  Because we are committed to our families, we must stay healthy in all areas of our life.  We hope that you found our list of ways moms can relax. Most importantly, being healthy requires us to clear our mind, rest and stay focused.  Pick out one thing off the list each week, and take an a few hours for yourself.  Be sure to tell your friends about our list of ways moms can relax too.  You will start the week relaxed and refueled.






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