Why You Should Visit the Smoky Mountains in the Fall


Smoky Mountains

Looking for a great fall get away?  Look no further than the Tennessee Smoky Mountains.  They have become a part of my heart and soul.  I spent a week there and fell in love.  I understand why Dolly Parton and other western singers praise the Smokey Mountains.  They are truly one of the most beautiful creations on God’s green earth.

We stayed at the Fairfield Glade Wyndam, which is approximately 90 minutes west of Sevierville, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.  The Fairfield Glade Wyndam is located in a retirement community.  And it sits on 12,700 beautiful, wooded acres with a marina nearby.


Smoky Mountains

There plenty of amenities, which includes a marina, indoor/outdoor pools, several lakes and golf courses.  There’s a 36-hole and three 18-hole golf courses.  They are listed among Golf Digest’s 75 best resort courses in America.  There are daily activities sponsored by the resort and a concierge to assist you with other activities.  You will also find walking trails and tennis courts. The marina has a variety of boats available for your pleasure, and provides an opportunity for a great photo opp.

Additionally, there’s a community center where you can play basketball, an arts and crafts center, a game room, and a media center.  There’s a post office, gift store and a Kroger’s grocery store located on the premises too.

So, our unit had 2 bedrooms, a fireplace and a full kitchen.  There was plenty of room to gather around the table for a meal or to play board games.  Additionally, there was a counter that could be used for additional seating.  The beds are delicious, and the fire place made the condo cozy.  I came home well rested.

Next, you will need a car to venture out to the surrounding areas.  If you head down I-40E, you will head toward Sierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg.  We spent some time in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg before heading into the Smoky Mountains for the afternoon. The Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Theatre in Pigeon Forge grabbed our attention as we were driving along.  The Hatfield and McCoy feud took place in Gilbert, WV, my home state.  So, we took a stroll around the building to check out the country items on display.   We weren’t disappointed, and had quite a few laughs.  There were humorous signs, an outhouse, replica of a moonshine distillery, and more.  We didn’t have dinner, but the theatre does puts on a show/feud while you’re dining.  The next time we’re in the area, we may check it out.

Pigeon Forge Attractions


This truck is everything, lol.  It reminded me of the truck on the Beverly Hillbillies.  Great advertising I may add.


Pigeon Forge Attractions

Check out this crooked, upside down building.  We had to pull over to check it out.  Your kids will be happy that you did.  They have an indoor Rope Course and Laser Tag for the thrill seekers.  They also have unique programs for students K-12 to learn about Physical Sciences.  There’s Earth Science, Physics and Astronomy.   You can spend several hours here for sure.

Afterwards, we headed toward Cades Cove to check out the wild life and the Smoky Mountains.  It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  The mountains in their fall foliage are stunning.  Majestic, bold, beautiful and mighty are a few adjectives that describes them.


Cades Cove is an 11 mile loop through the Smoky Mountains.  Additionally, there are streams, wildlife, churches, vacant cabins dating back to the 1800s and a peace that we often forget.  Through our journey we spotted this mama black bear and her 2 cubs.  Fortunately, we were able to watch them for about 10 minutes before they headed back into the woods.

It was truly an amazing experience to get this close.  They seemed to be oblivious to the cars and people watching them.  Their fur is so shiny and coal black.  The one cub on the far left was adventurous; however, the other club stayed close to mommy.  When we first spotted them, the adventurous club was playing in a tree not far from mom.

Smoky Mountain Wildlife


Smoky Mountain Wildlife


We spent several hours just taking our time driving the Cades Cove loop and enjoying the views.  I suggest that you pack a picnic and enjoy your time there.  At the halfway mark, there’s an area to enjoy a lunch and restrooms if you need a break.


Smoky Mountains Wildlife


Smoky Mountains Wildlife

Surprisingly,  we didn’t see any deer.  Especially, since it’s deer season.  So, the time spent observing the black bears more than made up for the deer not entertaining us.


Russull Stover Outlet in Tennessee

Last, on our way home we made a quick stop at the Russell Stover Candy outlet.  As a matter of fact, I picked up a few Christmas gifts dirt cheap.  So, be sure to treat yourself to some sweets before you head home.

Finally, we highly recommend a Smoky Mountains family vacation in the summer or fall.  There are water parks and Dollywood Amusement Park if you decide to visit in the summer.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to visit again next year.


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  1. The pictures are gorgeous! What a wonderful trip you describe and such a variety of activities. The bears are a little too close for comfort, lol, especially when its is a mama with her cubs. I will keep in mind the resort you stayed at!

    • Rhonda Gales says:

      Seeing the bears that close up was amazing.  A good camera lens is recommended, I used a zoom lens for the photos.  However, the bears seemed to be unfazed by the cars and people.  I highly recommend the resort, and the journey through the Smokes.  Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I would love to visit that area! I especially love the fall colors and the bears!

    • Rhonda Gales says:

      The fall colors were the most beautiful sight that I’ve seen, and the bears an unexpected treat.  If you ever get a chance, check out the area.

    • Rhonda Gales says:

      The Smoky Mountains have been on my Bucket List.  I’m so glad I made the trip.  Beautiful area.