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Parents play a vital role in grooming and developing a child’s personality and self-esteem. Do you want to be the proud parents of a child who is full of self-confidence?  Do you want your child to walk with their head held high?  Here are some things you can do to help your child boost their self-confidence.

  • Do Not Let Any Negative Thoughts, Emotions and Limitations Pull you DownNegative thoughts only undermine your confidence. Do not let your true capabilities be overshadowed by inhibitions of the mind and heart.  Furthermore, exercise self-control and learn to maintain your calm and stay composed in panic situations. So keep brainwashing yourself.  Rummage through your brain to filter out the negative thoughts and keep going.
  • Positive Thinking Breeds PositivityBack your positive thoughts by positive actions. Even when you are on the lowest ebb, let the light of positivity shine through.
  • Face your fears and overcome any hurdles that come your way – Feed your self-esteem by challenging yourself and facing your biggest fears. Something which seemed unattainable in the past, if over-come with resoluteness of purpose can contribute significantly in raising your self-confidence. You will observe that automatically you will be able to cross hurdles and obstacles that would normally deter your progress.
  • Keep away from bad habits and inculcate healthy habits –   You need to correct your inner flaws and short comings to feel confident from within. It is very easy to get into wrong habits and very hard to get over them. Hence, inculcate healthy habits from the very beginning, so that they emerge as confident individuals as life progresses. Anything that makes you feel good about yourself, will ultimately lead to higher self-esteem.
  • Be Grateful for Whatever You Have and Live a Meaningful Life – It is very easy to be ungrateful.  You find yourself complaining and cribbing about the imperfections of life. What needs to be understood here is the need to identify happiness and true bliss in the small things in life. This is where our individual perceptions come into play. Our attitude towards life matters a big deal. If you envy other people you will be ungrateful for your blessings.  Therefore, you end up being a victim of inferiority complex. This keeps you in a constant state of restlessness.  As a result, it will make you have uncertain feelings about yourself, because you always feel the other person is better off than you. Until you are truly content and satisfied at heart, without any qualms, you will keep seeking for ways to find meaning in your life. It’s all about being truly happy. Being happy for who you are and where you are can lead to living healthier and more productive lives.
  • Emerge from failure as a stronger, experienced individual –  If at first you don’t succeed; try, try and try again. If you help your children live their life according to this basic principle you will be doing them a great favor. This implies that no matter what, keep your spirits high. Do not let failure get to you and empower and cloud your reasoning and logic such that it impairs practical reasoning, and leaves you confused and demoralized. Gathering your broken pieces and aiming to work with increased enthusiasm and fervor after facing a failure, is where true achievement lies.
  • Raise your intellectual standards – Be honest in analyzing yourself and take the initiative to develop your skills. Be in constant search for general knowledge and awareness. Being knowledgeable makes a person more confident. Personal growth is a continuous process. Stay updated with current national and international events. Become a participant on various topics such as politics, business and sports. Try learning new things on a daily basis and keep your child updated too.
  • Engage in philanthropic activitiesTeach your children to think about society.  They need to learn to empathize with the people who are not a fortunate as them.  Be an asset to the society by being an active part of it. Think about the needs of the people around you. This will help divert your focus to others rather than on yourself.  It will reduce you worrying less about your own imperfections. When you spread happiness around you, you will get to observe positive attitudes.  This will make you forget about the negativities around you  Eventually smoothening your way to enhancing your confidence level.

Be an example for your children. They will follow in your foot steps, and remember you may not see immediate changes in your child/children. Building confidence is a life time endeavor.

I want to thank James Smith for this amazing guest post!  You may also like: Teaching Children Responsibility

About the author: James Smith is a survivalist, who loves to write about survival skills and techniques. Currently, he is working for Teotwawki Supplies, offering a complete range of survival and emergency kits. Follow him on twitter @jamessmith1609.


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