Top 3 Remote Control Cars to Play With Your Children


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They are smart, fast and always looking for new adventures. I’m talking about our children, of course! Their energy and constant desire to explore and to learn new things is amazing. So, we become their teachers and partners.  Furthermore, we show them the way and we have lots of fun discovering the world again, but through their eyes.

I loved playing all sorts of games with my kids, mostly invented ones. The presence of the remote control cars in our house allowed me to help them develop useful skills while playing.  These cool toys are perfect for getting good eye coordination and improving the spatial sense of direction.  Additionally,  recognizing colors and making the child think fast and make quick decisions. When you’re looking for the best one for your kid don’t just consider the price. Also check out the manufacturer and how the features helps them learn new things.  ­I put together this short list of remote control cars, which you should try alongside your children.  You will have the time of your life!

Remote Control Cars for Toddlers

If your child is 2 to 3 years old, the perfect remote control car for them is the Squeezable Remote Control Fire Truck.  It’s a cool car which won the Oppenheim Platinum Award for the best toy this year. It is adorable, it spins, and it is also effortless to handle, even for a toddler. Your child can easily operate the remote without any help once you’ve learned together how to use it. While playing, you can teach them about the important role of the firefighter.  Also, how to be safe in case of a fire.

remote control truck tipsRemote Control Cars for Preschoolers

When your child is over three years old, you could go for the Fisher-Price My Easy Remote Control vehicle.  It’s a smart choice for many reasons.  It doesn’t have any unsafe small components, sharp edges, it’s simple to control, and it turns off by itself if not being used.  A bonus is that it rides smoothly on carpets.  So, if it rains your child can keep busy with this one. Or, if you want something awesome, see the Fast Lane Ford F-150.  It has huge off-road tires and a bumper that could take any shock. It’s perfect to use when you want to do some gardening.  You can concentrate on the yard, while your child concentrates on the monster truck.


Remote Control Cars for Children 8 to 10

There are a lot of fantastic choices for this age! One would be the award-winner Traxxas RTR Slash.  It’s an enduring, fast truck which your child will love.  My advice is to check the Best Remote Control Trucks for Sale – Top 10 Reviews for more accurate information. But, let me mention the SZJJX Wall Climber, too. This car drives on the ceiling, for real! Just make sure there’s no one standing under it when climbing the ceiling. The best car reviews Remote Control Rank advices that the vehicle may fall if its mechanism isn’t working properly. Good to know!


remote control carsI hope you will enjoy spending time playing with your children and their favorite remote control cars. It was a great ride for me, for sure!




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