Toddler Dental Emergencies: 8 Tips to Save Your Toddler’s Tooth

toddler dental emergencies


Do you know the proper steps to take for toddler dental emergencies or even an older child?  My grandson has lost his front tooth twice.  When the first accident occurred, I didn’t have a clue on the proper steps to take to help save the tooth. Kids getting hit hard enough to knock out a permanent tooth is rare, but it happens.  As a result, I waited anxiously for my daughter to call me.  We discussed the necessary steps, just in case a dental emergency occurred while the children were in my custody.   Here they are:

  • If a tooth is knocked out or damaged; take your child to a hospital or pediatric dentist immediately .
  • If the child is young and the teeth or tooth is loose enough, remove the tooth or teeth to prevent the child from chocking.

So, a  permanent tooth that has been knocked out can often be saved.  However, you take the following steps immediately:

  • Find the tooth
  • Handle the tooth by the part you normally see, not the root
  • Gently rinse the tooth under water in a closed sink.  Do not scrub the tooth
  • If possible, place the tooth in the opening it fall out of
  • Hold the tooth in place or have your child hold the tooth in place while you’re in route to the hospital or doctor
  • Place the tooth in milk.

Last, parents could experience toddler dental emergencies any time or anywhere.  As a result, knowing what steps to take is imperative in saving your child’s tooth or teeth.  Taking each step is crucial, especially if it’s one of the child’s permanent teeth.  Knowing these steps worked for my grandson twice.  So they will work for you too.

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  1. @LT – Yes, tips that we should all know as parents. 

  2. I didn't know all of that!  Thanks for the tips!