The Best and Worst Cereals

Are your kids bouncing off the walls after breakfast?  It could be that bowl of sugar that you placed in front of them this morning for breakfast.  My grandchildren like cold cereal, and it’s a great option when I don’t have time or feel like fixing pancakes or waffles. I decided to research the sugar grams in what I was feeding them, and I was quite surprised when I came across the best and worst cereal list.  I thought I would share it with you. You too may be surprised by the list, and may think twice about what you serve your children for breakfast.   Here’s the list:

                                          Best Cereals

      •  Mini Wheats                               
      •  Life                                      
      • Rice Krispies                       
      • Wheaties                                   
      • Kix                                          
      • Corn Flakes                               
      • Cheerios                                     
      • Shredded Wheat    
      • Honey Nut Cheerios
      • Grape Nuts
      • Special K  

                                                               Worst Cereals

      • Honey Smacks                        
      • Golden Crisp                           
      • Lucky Charms                       
      • Fruit Loops                             
      • Trix                                           
      • Raisin Bran                              
      • Sugar Frosted Flakes       
      • Apple Jacks
      • Crunch Berries            

I love Honey Nut Cheerios and Raisin Bran.  I’m happy at least one of them made the Best Cereal List and that one just happens to be the cereal I give my grandchildren. The majority of the time I give my grandchildren oatmeal, especially during the cold, winter months or fix them pancakes or waffles with fruit. Occasionally, I do fix sausage links with eggs. Neither are fond of bacon. 

Does yours or your child’s favorite cereal fall into the Best or Worst list? Is the list making you rethink your cereal choice? It will definitely be a reminder the next time I’m in the cereal aisle and considering buying something different.  



  1. I really like Rice Krispies, on the best list, but I'm also guilty of really liking Lucky Charms, on the bad list.

  2. Interesting! I don't buy cereal for my grandkids, but couldn't help but notice that every single one of my own childhood faves is on the "worst" list! Oh well, I was pretty skinny as a kid so I probably needed the calories! Frosted Flakes – yum!

    • We ate most of the bad cereals as kids too.  Captain Crunch was my favorite growing up and Raisin Bran my favorite as an adult. Both on the Bad List of course, lol.

  3. Life is certainly one of my favorite cereals but Grape Nuts with milk and raisins added and then warmed up in the microwave is just the best — and it is on the good cereal list!

  4. Thanks for sharing the list of best and worst cereals. It's really worth reading. Gotta bookmark this for future use since my little girl is only 7 months and can't eat cereals for now. 🙂

  5. Being a diabetic, cereal is just something that is a nono in our house, except for whole wheat Cheerios.  I still don't eat them but it's a good snack for the kids. 

    I think everything has waaayyy to much sugar.

    Thanks for stopping by my bog.  I'm following.

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