Teen Beating Video Taped

What’s happening in our society? Are teenage girls becoming more aggressive? I wondered when I watched the video of the Florida teen being beaten by her friends, and I use the word friends loosely? I was stunned when I watched the video. According to reports, the sixteen year old’s friends lured her to one of their homes and beat her unconscious. Their intention was to post the video on Youtube. When she came through, they beat her again. Not only did they beat her, the video shows one girl blocking the door so she couldn’t leave. Two teens were watching outside to warn the 6 teens involved if an adult showed up as 5 video cameras rolled inside. A phone cam and digital camera were also used to record the beating. Premediation in this situation would be an understatement.

Why would these teens plan something so savage? Because the 16 year old who was beaten had posted some unfavorable remarks about them on Myspace. A representative from the Sheriff’s Department stated that the teens involved showed no remorse. They were more concerned about missing cheerleading practice and going to the beach. One mother, Christen Garcia, stated that the teen beaten shouldn’t have made the remarks on Myspace if she couldn’t back up what she said. Other words, she asked for it. It should be noted that this particular mother is not raising her teenage daughter, she is being raised by her grandmother. I wonder why? The parents of the other teens involved have expressed remorse for their children’s behavior. The video can be found over the internet, and again is shocking. The beating lasted 30 minutes plus. The beaten teen now suffers blurred vision and lost of hearing in her left ear.

I stated previously that the teens involved in the beating intented to post the video on Youtube. Have you seen the violence involving teens on that site? I was interested in seeing the video where the nanny was caught on tape abusing the twins, I found it on Youtube. Since I was on the site, I decided to search for the video involving a fight between a teen and a bus driver in Arizonia. This particular incident came to my attention while I was at work; however, I was unable to view it in its entirety so I wanted to see what it was about. As I was watching the video, I realized that there was a list of videos involving teenage girls fighting. There were street fights, school fights and any other fight that you can think of. My initial reaction was, wow people are interested in watching this. So, I was not surprised that the teens intented to post that particular fight among them. It seems to be the thing to do.

I think about my daughter, and I can’t imagine her being involved in such violence and deceit. I asked myself how would I have reacted and what would I have done if my daughter had been involved in something like this? Should the parents of the teens be blamed for their children’s behavior or should sites like Youtube and Myspace be blamed for encouraging teens to post such violence? The beaten teen has now been removed from the public school system, and is now being home schooled. How sad.



  1. All I can say is “Wow”.  How did kids learn this?  When I was young, we’d get in major trouble if we even hit our sibling, let alone someone else’s child. 

    After a 1/2 hour beating, I’m surprised this girl survived.  If she didn’t, these other girls would have been arrested for murder and all the others would be accessories. 


  2. Couldn’t help thinking about your post when reading about, yet another, videotaped teen girl beating incident in…where was it? Alabama?
    When is this country going to wake up to the fact that all of the violence our kids see on ‘seemingly innocent’ tv or movies that are rated ‘PG’, from a very early age, are turning our kids into monsters that think that ‘glorifying’ violence on video is cool???