Creating a Family Garden When You Have Little Space

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When you have a family, the garden is often one of the most important areas of the property.  After all, it offers a fantastic place for outdoor dining.  Furthermore, it offers a place for the kids to play.  You don’t have to worry about your humble abode getting messy when they’re outside.  However, as much as we would love acres of land, we are often stuck with a small garden.  But all is not lost if you have a small garden. Check out my other gardening tips. In fact, here are some ways for creating a family garden even when you have little space:



Grow plants vertically

We all love to grow plants in the garden. After all, they can look beautiful and bring some much-needed color to our yard.  If you do want to grow some flowers, you could always go vertical.   For example, you could grow them up a wall.  Additionally, you could get a vertical structure which you can lean against your wall or use a trellis.  Consider using containers to grow plants.  Growing vertical means you and your family still get to have fantastic plants without having to use a ton of space.  And it can make your garden look unique rather than the traditional flower borders around the yard!


garden furniture


Get furniture which stores away easily

When you have a small garden, it can make it tricky when it comes to your outdoor furniture.  Most families enjoy dining outside, but if space is limited that could be a problem.  However, there are some ways you can still have a good outdoor table and chairs without using a ton of space.  Get a Rattan Cube Set,  It comes as a compact cube for easy storage too.  It actually opens up to be enough seating for six people.  And when you are not using it for eating, it can actually convert to a coffee table with some comfy seats!  Another idea, skip the table and rely on just chairs.  Just put a blanket on the grass and have a lovely picnic!

Make the most of your corners

Make sure you are using the corners.  A lot of people skip this option, but if you have little space, you should make the most of them.  After all, they may be ideal for a small chair or for plant pots.  And you could even put a BBQ there for your outdoor cooking. Therefore, don’t leave them bare.  If possible, ensure you are making the most out of all the areas in your garden.

Finally, consider growing vegetables in containers.  After all, you may not have space for a greenhouse, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying fresh vegetables.  Furthermore, check out my blog for more information on container gardening.  We hope that you have found our tips on creating a family garden useful.

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