VenusCare Travel Pillow and Sleep Mask Set



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I spotted this travel pillow and sleep mask set, and was offered a discount for a review.  I jumped on the opportunity to check it out.  I’ve been wanting a travel pillow for years, but never took the time to purchase one.  I ordered the set and waited anxiously for it’s arrival. I have a flight next month, and I want to take it with me.


travel pillows

The set finally arrived.  It was packaged in a nice velour storage bag.  The eye mask was housed in a plastic bag.  I love the storage bag.  It will come in handy while trying to keep it clean.  The bag has a drawstring for easy removal and storage.  It will fit perfectly in a tote bag or attached to a backpack.  I like to carry a tote with a blanket, snacks, and a pocket for my cellphone.  I could easily attach the pillow to the handle.


travel pillows

So, I removed the pillow and mask from the storage bags.  The pillow is gray and the eye mask black.  The pillow would be great for a car trip, a flight or train trip. I haven’t traveled on a train in years, but I do travel frequently on planes and road trips.  The pillow is made from quality material along with memory foam.  The gray cover is washable.



The pillow has a 360 degree design to support the head, neck and chin.  This design keeps the neck from getting stiff. I used to be a window person, but I prefer the aisle now.  The design of the pillow will keep your head from falling sideways or forward.  Once I placed the pillow around my neck, I was a little disappointed.  The pillow seemed short.  As you can see in the picture, it is snug around my neck.  I fastened the strap to help keep it in place.

Even so, the pillow was still comfortable.   Additionally, I was able to lean back comfortably, which is what I would do on a flight.  The pillow stayed in place and supported my neck as I wanted.  I fastened the strap on the pillow to see if it would fit better or help keep the pillow in place.  It didn’t make a difference.  However, the eye mask fits nicely.  It’s doubtful that I would use on a short flight, but any log distance flight is fair game.  I love to sleep on my flights.

Last, I would recommend the Venus Care Travel Pillow.  The pros outweighed the cons.   Although I believed the travel pillow was short around my neck, the quality makes up for the flaw.  I’m hoping that it was just the pillow that I received.  Finally, you may also like Using Travel Checklists to Organize Packing.