No Dyed Eggs For Me!

This year I decided to
not dye eggs.  As a matter of fact, I won’t be dying them ever again.  I will be
exposing my grandchildren to a variety of naturally colored eggs.  I have been
blessed with light brown, dark brown, white, green, pink and light blue eggs for
my edification.  Who needs dye!  The photos don’t do the color of the
eggs justice.  I’m able to purchase these eggs fresh, and the only date stamped
on the egg carton is the date that I write on an Avery label.  I even provide
the egg cartons. 

I want my
grandchildren to learn about nature and all its beauty.  I want them to be able
to share unique experiences with classmates and have special memories when
they’re visiting me.  I want them to remember grandma cracking colored eggs for
their omelets and brownies.  I can’t wait to hear the giggles. 

                                                                  Jersey Chicken

                                                                Black Cochin Chicken

Sussex Chicken

                                                                    Easter Egg Chickens

I’ve started purchasing fresh eggs a year ago.  Here are some of the chickens that work to produce my order.  I place my order and the next day the eggs are retrieved from the hen house and brought to me.  I’ve never been into chickens, but I think the black Cochin chicken is beautiful.  My grandparents had chickens on their farmette, but they where just your regular chickens that laid white eggs.

If I could withstand the smell and cleanup, I might invest in a few of these beauties.  Okay, that thought didn’t last long.  I’ll just continue to purchase them when I need them. What do you think about my colorful eggs?  Do you have chickens?  If so, what kind.

Happy Easter!