Bright Picnic Set for 2 Review

Bright Outdoors Picnic Set Review


I received this set for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review.  This post may contain affiliate links.  Mother 2 Mother may be compensated if a purchase is made.


bright outdoor picnic set review


First, let me say that I love, love, love this Bright Outdoors Picnic Set.  Two side zippers enclose the canvass case. It’s a nice olive green color. When I opened the case, I was quite impressed.  I immediately thought, picnic at one of my favorite out of the way spots.  I’ve been wanting to put together a picnic basket, grab a good book, a bottle of wine and just have an old fashioned picnic.


Bright Outdoor Picnic Set Review


This picnic set includes two plates, which are sturdy.  I wouldn’t be afraid of them breaking if I had a full plate.  Additionally, there’s a nice cheese board.  So, pick up some brie or another favorite cheese and you can slice it right on the board.  Utensils are included in the set.  So there’s no need to search for a knife.

Next, the napkins. They are included too.  They are simple and made of a plaid material.  Perfect for wiping the mouth or hands.  The cheese board is noteworthy.  Did I mention, that the board could be used to cut French Bread or veggies too.


Picnic set review


Next, the set includes 2 knives, spoons, forks and a knife that is perfect for slicing cheese, meats or veggies. The utensil handles are made of a nice wood.  Moreover, if you clean the plates and utensils and place them back into the case, they should last for quite some time. Did I mention that the case will fit perfectly into a picnic basket or bag.

In addition to being used on a picnic, the set can be used for road trips.  The plates are perfect for holding the kid’s snacks.  Furthermore, mom or dad can use them for a quick bite between afterschool drop offs at the kids activities.  There’s a wine bottle opener, which also serves as a bottle opener.

I recommend this Bright Outdoors Picnic Set .  I actually couldn’t find any cons to write about.  Check it out for yourself.  Most importantly, it would make a great gift for you or a family member or friend.  Last, you may also like the Ultimate Kitchens Water Infuser.