How to Bargain Shop For Kid’s Clothing


It’s amazing how much children grow in a year. Have you noticed that problem with your children? They grow out of pants, shirts, shoes and it happens quickly. At least 2 – 3 times a year I find myself going through my grandchildren’s clothing or asking their mother what kind of clothing they need to get through the summer, winter and the school year. Unfortunately there’s nobody to pass hand me downs too in the house for either, so I look for ways to shop wisely and within my budget.

I’ve found ways to cut down on clothing expense and the children look fabulous.  Just walking into a store at any given time and just purchasing clothing is not an option for me. I shop on a budget and I want quality. Here’s 7 ways while shopping for kid’s clothing that have helped me cut down on expenses:

  1. Purchase clearance items  – I purchase coats, tees, jeans, shorts, sundresses etc. in a bigger size for the next season.
  2. Shop sales – You can score some great buys during the holidays too. Check on-line and your local advertisements for sale items.
  3. Free shipping and discounts – Not paying shipping costs or getting a discount on your order can help cut down on expenses.
  4. Shop thrift and consignment shops – I send tons of clothing to thrift shops that are in excellent shape. Others do the same.  So check them out.
  5. Don’t purchase designer items unless you’re getting a huge discount – Kids outgrow them too quickly, and you will rarely get your money’s worth.
  6. Check out neighborhood yard sales – You can find bargains on jeans for boys to play in and adorable dresses for girls.  If you have a newborn, I’ve seen tons of baby clothing that look brand new.
  7. Check out on-line yard sales – I’ve seen great deals on local Facebook sites too.
I don’t recommend purchasing used shoes for children nor do I think everything has to have a designer label. I would rather save my money for week-end activities and educational items for my grandchildren instead of having them dressed in designer cloths and too broke enjoy life.  We hope you enjoyed our tips on how to bargain shop for kid’s clothing.
What savvy tips do you have on how to bargain shop for kid’s clothing.  We all want to save money.  You may also like: 8 Back to School Shopping Tips