Dollar Store Holiday Deals

dollar deals, dollar store bargains

Need party or craft supplies for Thanksgiving or Christmas?  Dollar store holiday deals await you. I’ve always been able to find cups, plates, napkins, and table cloths to compliment my theme whenever I host a party or family gathering. Buying items from the Party Supply Store can get expensive, so I get creative and add complimentary items from the Dollar Store, Dollar Tree, Dollar General.  If it says Dollar, I’m there. Why should I spend $5.00 on a plastic table cloth when I can get it for a $1.00. This momma works hard for the money and I don’t just throw mine out the door.  
The Dollar stores always have a nice selection of holiday table items, cookie tins for gift giving, and trays to hold your delicious treats.  I get major compliments on my table displays when I’m hosting a party.  I accept them with a giggle, the Dollar stores never fail me.   

I have found good deals on:

  • wine glasses
  • seasonal decorations
  • picture frames
  • craft supplies
  • gift wrap
  • party supplies
  • holiday items

I love filling wine glasses with chocolates and other candies as a little token of my appreciation for my guests time during the holidays. If you’re into making your own holiday wreaths or center pieces check out their supply of berries and other greenery.  I stock up on items for stocking stuffers too.  I found flash cards, games, candy canes, Golden Books, coloring books you name it.   

Big Lots and the Christmas Tree Shop are other stores that I love.  I’ve found great gifts for baby shower prizes there as well as wall art and throw pillows.  If you’re a bargain shopper, head to your local Dollar Stores and get your hunt on.  I’m sure you’ll find a bargain or two as well.