Take Time for You: Tips For New Moms


Tips for New Moms


One of the biggest traps most new moms fall into is not getting enough time for themselves. New moms often forget to do simple things.  For example, taking a daily shower and pursuing their personal interests. If you too are a new mom who has limited time because of your newborn baby, you’re reading the right article. Check out our tips for new moms and how you can find time for yourself in spite of being a new mother.

#1: Take time for a shower

Choose a time when you baby is napping or content in his swing or exersaucer.  Take the swing or exersaucer inside the bathroom or place it outside the bathroom.  If the swing or exersauce is outside the bathroom, leave the door open. If your baby suddenly starts to cry, you can sing a song or play a game with him from inside the bathroom. That may pacify them enough for you to complete your shower.

#2: Dress in the best possible manner

If you haven’t lost enough baby weight, don’t continue to wear maternity clothes.  Even though you may have weight loss in mind, find cheap shirts and jeans for your present size. Don’t forget the theory that looking good will also make you feel good.

#3: Measure yourself

More than 80% of women wear the wrong bra size.  Pregnancy hormones bring about changes in your body. Find a store where you can be measured properly or learn how to take our own measurements for a bra.  Purchase one that makes you feel and look good.

#4: Take out some time for yourself

Don’t feel bad or scared about leaving your baby for a few minutes.  If you find your blood pressure rising or you questioning yourself about why you embraced motherhood, take a 5 minute break.  Leave your baby in the crib or swing for 5 minutes.  You can even lose pregnancy weigh if you workout for even 5-10 minutes. You may also lose weight in your face after giving birth to your little bundle of joy.

As we see, motherhood is indeed an adjustment.  We hope that you found our tips for new moms helpful, and you will continue to still take care of your own needs.  You can never become a perfect mom in the beginning and you don’t have to stress about it. Don’t forget that your baby loves you the way you are too.