My Must Read Blogs – Part 1

I want to take time to recognize a few great bloggers that I follow.  I call them my Must Read Blogs.  I follow hundreds, sorry that I can’t list them all in this post. Some are blogs that I’ve followed for years, and some are newly discovered.  Check out my list, you may want to follow them too:

  • Amaraland – This blogger posts on the good, the bad, and the ugly memories from her childhood and her beautiful granddaughter’s journey growing up. Very inspiring, and not afraid to show you who she is.  
  • Heck of a Bunch – Feeling Lucky?  Check out this blog, this blogger lists tons of great giveaways.
  • Barbie Bieber & Beyond – This blogger has been recently added to my Must Read Blog List.  Barbie is an Australian blogger and the mother of 4 girls.  We all know how difficult of a job this is.  
  • A Peek Into My Paradise – This blog has been recently added as well, and I’m now a guest contributor to this blog.  You’ll find great recipes, link ups, giveaways, and parenting posts.    
  • Mocha Dad – It’s always nice to get a man’s perspective on parenting. Mocha Dad provides shares his stories and offers resources that will help men to be better dads, husbands, and mentors.
  • What Happens At Grandma’s – This is one crafty blogger.  If you’re looking for inspiration on your next craft project with the kids, visit this blog.  She posts tons of great ideas that are guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing.  
  • Coconut Head’s Survival Guide – I recently discovered this blog and glad I did.  This blogger is a cancer survivor and has great posts on decorating, family and recipes.  

Check out these great blogs, and add them to your reading list.  Stay tuned for Part II of my Must Read Blogs.