30 Minute Meals For Busy Moms

30 minutes meals

Planning meals is not always doable.  Time gets away from us, especially when school is back in session.  Kids need to be chauffeured to activities, home work needs to be checked, and baths given before bed.  Somewhere in between we need to fix a hot, healthy and delicious meal.

The solution is 30 minute meals.  I use them on days that I have my grandchildren after school.  They’re also great on days that I pick my mom up from dialysis.  I feed her dinner on those days, and she likes to eat immediately after she gets home.

First, every family has picky eaters.  My granddaughter more so than my grandson, but both are picky.  Furthermore, fixing meals that everyone will enjoy is key.  So, I look for dishes where I can fix a salad and offer bread to make it filling.  As a result, this roundup offers a variety of dishes that include chicken, sausage, pasta, and ground beef.  These items are staples in my pantry and freezer.  I know that I can always find a recipe that calls for these ingredients. Place these items in your freezer and pantry for those days that times just happens to get away from you too.

Here’s a list of 30 minute meals in our roundup:

  • Baked Ziti – First, one pan is all that is needed for this recipe. My kind of meal.  Serve with a salad or green vegetable.
  • Tuna Melt – Next, perfect for days when the kids have afterschool activities.
  • Chicken Parmesan – Skinless chicken breasts are the star in this recipe.
  • Grilled Cheese Rollup – Additionally, this is a nice twist on a grilled cheese sandwich.  Serve with tomato soup.
  • Chicken Rollups –  Perfect meal with a salad or green vegetables.
  • Easy Stromboli – Put this recipe together and cook it within 30 minutes.  My grandchildren love Pepperoni Stromboli.
  • Creamy Ground Beef and Noodles –   I think this recipe will be approved by kids.
  • Garlic Broiled Drum Sticks – Drum sticks are one my grandchildren’s favorites.
  • Pizza Casserole – Who doesn’t love pizza?  This one just happens to be in a casserole dish.

30 minute meals


30 minute meals

Finally, these recipes will become you go to.  So, when you need a healthy and delicious meal go to your Pinterest Board and retrieve a recipe.  I’m going to try the grilled cheese roll-ups first.  How about you?

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Time Management Tips for Meal Planning

meal planning

First, there never seems to be enough time in the day for everything that we need to do.  Do you agree?  Getting the children up and ready for school, fixing meals, managing our homes and holding down a full time job can stress anyone out.  However, I have found that planning meals can take a big load off my schedule and free up time.

The last thing that I want to do is spend time figuring out what I’m going to fix for dinner.  Especially after a busy day at the office.  I have found that planning my meals out for the week is a big time saver for me. Here’s a few tips that I use to save time during the week:

On Saturday’s I plan my meals for the week  – I focus on casseroles and crockpot meals mostly. I find this is the easiest route for me because I can make the casserole the night before and refrigerate it or put my meals in the crockpot.

Make a list of ingredients and head to the grocery store – Running to the grocery store after work or during the week can take up a chunk of time.  This can become stressful, especially when time is already lacking. Having ingredients accessible can relieve stress.

Include meals for the children while you’re planning – Having to come up with ideas and fix two different meals can be time consuming.  I fix mac & cheese ahead of time when the grandchildren are visiting. They love spaghetti salad, so I will chop the vegetables the night before or early in the morning and toss them into a storage bag. I just boil the noodles in the evening.

Meatloaf is another favorite. I make the meatloaf the night before and just place it in the refrigerator. I just pop it in the oven or microwave to warm while I prepare side dishes.

Wash dishes as you prepare your meals  – I have learned to wash dishes or load the dishwasher as I’m preparing my meals. This cuts down on the number of dinner dishes that need to be washed after dinner.  Most importantly, I always have a clean kitchen. Run your dishwasher through the cycle and unload it before you go to bed.

Use paper plates, cups and plastic utensils – If I’m really pressed for time, I resort to paper products. I can throw them in the trash, and that leaves clearing the table, putting away food and washing the main dishes.

During summer months fix light meals – Sandwiches and fresh fruit make their way to my table frequently during the summer. My family loves chicken and tuna salad. I can make garden and cob salads with fresh vegetables and that’s a meal while serving the grandchildren veggie pizza. Grilling in the summer is a good idea too.

Freeze meals – Preparing meals ahead and freezing them cuts down on time if you have the room. This idea is great for soups, spaghetti, chili, stew, and other cold weather meals.

Prepare snacks and desserts ahead of time – My grandchildren like a snack before bed. During the week, I make pudding or jello.  Apple slices with peanut butter also works. If they want ice cream I have the individual ice cream cups available so I don’t dirty bowls after the dinner dishes have been washed.  Cookies are great too.

Make a planner and place it in your kitchen – Seeing your planned meals helps you stay on track.

These are a few things that have worked for me. The biggest obstacle is figuring out what to fix for the week. Once you have your meals planned, decide if you can fix them ahead and freeze them or if you will preparing the night before. Once you get in the habit, it makes life so much easier.

Please let me know how you handle your meal preparation for the week or if you can add to my tips.