Wordless Wednesday: Parking Lots

    Look, Daddy’s a Parking Lot!

Mattel’s Burqa Barbie Controversy

Barbie is involved in another controversy, i.e. Burqa Barbie. It seems that Mattel has offended some Islamic women, and they’re demanding that Mattel take note. Mattel has produced 500 Barbies in a Burqa for auction in Italy. The auction is part of Barbie’s 50th anniversary. Proceeds will go to the Rewrite the Future, a charity, which helps millions of children around the world effected by conflict.

A representative from Mattel has stated, “I think this is really important for girls, wherever they are from they should have the opportunity to play with a Barbie that they feel represents them”.

Muslim women are offended because the Burqa is not a true representation of Islamic dress, so where is Mattel coming from? Islamic women are fighting to not have to wear a Burqa. The Burqa is believed by Muslim women to be a garment forced on them during the Taliban, it is not mentioned in the Quran; therefore, it should not be seen as a part of their traditional dress. The Quran is our Bible. They see the Burqa as a means to oppress women. Muslim women are required to wear Hijabs, a scarf, to cover their heads and to dress modestly only. The Burqa is worn over a woman’s normal dress when she is outside the home in some Islamic countries. It is made to cover them from head to toe. Because of political instability, it was seen as a way of protecting women so they were forced to wear them.

I normally don’t post on religious or cultural issues, but I believe this concern was important enough to bring to light. Especially since it involved a toy maker. I am somewhat knowledgeable of Islam and I am aware that Islamic women are fighting for rights as women. Rights that we take for granted in this country. Muslim women believe that Mattel should have taken the time to understand the Islamic culture and what it represents before they produced a doll that supposedly represents traditional Islamic dress. Especially, a Barbie doll that little girls will be playing with. Burqas are currently the center of a big controversy in Western Europe. They are being banned because they are not a part of the traditional Islamic dress.I posted on the Burqa Barbie because so many problems are created simply because statements and opinions are formed without having all the facts. What’s funny is Mattel’s Barbie has been banned in most Islamic countries. They see her as being too westernized for their little girls. She has been replaced with the Fulla doll (shown above). This doll is more culturally correct as far as Islamic dress than the Burqa Barbie produced by Mattel.

I patronize Mattel and I will continue; however, a little research will go a long way when it comes to cultural and religious issues. Do you think Mattel should have done their homework before they produced a culturally incorrect Barbie? Do you think the focus was on money rather than the fight of Islamic women for their rights? Would love to hear your thoughts on the Burqa Barbie.

Divorce Cakes

Going through a divorce or separation? Call the girls or guys and celebrate your new freedom with a slice of Divorce Cake. It’s the thing to do, really it is. No more crying on your pillow or wondering what you’re going to do with your life. Get your party on. Hell call the cater who made your wedding cake and flip the switch. Tell them you have a new reason to celebrate, and you would like a custom cake for the occasion.

Don’t like the cake shown, they’ll make one with you sticking a knife in his or her back or heart or pushing your spouse over the edge. Anyway you want it, they can give it to you. When I first saw the cakes, I was like WTH. After I thought about it, I concluded that maybe it was a good idea. If it’s over, it’s over. I spent months crying, feeling lonely, and wondering what my next move would be. I spent hours on the phone with my girlfriends shedding tears and wondering how I ended up heading for divorce court. When I look back on it, I wish I had used my energy in other ways. A party was the last thing on my mind, but it probably would have been a good idea. Having a party sure sounds better than crying on your pillow.

For those who are in the party/celebration mode here’s another idea for you. Just shoot each other, lol. The baker of the cakes, Kay Millar, owns Pink Rose Cakes. She’s located in the United Kingdom, but Kay stated that the cakes were popular in the United States first. The cakes are intended to lighten the mood associated with divorce. They are a nice way to announce that you’re available again.

There has been complaints that the cakes are too violent or promoting violence. My response to that, don’t buy one. I believe that a bakery should be able to to make them if a customer chooses to order one. I also believe that a person should be able to celebrate or grieve over their divorce too. I think the idea is pretty entertaining and good for a laugh or two. What’s your thoughts? We would love to know what you think about the Divorce Cakes.

Don’t Air Your Laundry In This Neighborhood

I remember the day when sheets, towels, jeans and shirts would have been hanging from these clothes pins. Few people hang their laundry outside these days. I for one don’t, but both of my neighbors hang their laundry out. I have often thought about purchasing a clothes line, but only for a brief moment.

Watching my neighbors hang their laundry has brought back memories of wringer washes, wash tubs, scrub boards, and spray starch. My mother had a wringer washer and clothes line for years. She starched more shirts and doilies than I care to count. I remember getting my fingers caught in that damn wringer on many occasions too. I did love the smell of my sheets when I was growing up. They always smelled so fresh. On the other hand, I also have memories of frozen jeans, stiff towels and cold fingers from being out in the cold and taking the laundry down. It’s those memories that make me run thankfully to my dryer where I can open it to find nice, warm, wrinkle free laundry.

Did you know there’s a fight going on in America over laundry? Women want the right to air their laundry, but local ordinances are keeping laundry out of backyards. It seems that most developers place this restriction in their covenants, but 5 states have made it a law that you can hang your laundry in your yard. These state include: Florida, Utah, Maine, Vermont, Colorado, and Hawaii. Additional states are thinking about lifting the ban on airing laundry. It seems that in most states neighbors aren’t interested in seeing other neighbor’s sheets and/or unmentionables blowing in the wind. Many believe it trashes the neighborhood. Gone are the days of wringer washers and wash tubs on the back porch, but shouldn’t a home owner have the right to hang boxers, bras and booty shorts out if they wish?

I don’t find either of my neighbor’s laundry embarrassing or trashy. I must admit I have glanced at the undies and wondered if my ass was big as the briefs they had hanging on their line, and vowed to hit the treadmill more often. Other than that, it’s just laundry.

Laundry blowing in the wind used to be a common sight in the neighborhood when I was growing up, but we didn’t live in a neighborhood of $200,00, $300,000 or $400,000 homes either. People seem to be focused more on looks rather than saving energy and having fresh smelling sheets these days. Seeing laundry in the backyards of homes of this caliber is most unusual, but Project Laundry List may end the ban on sheets blowing in the wind in the swankiest of neighborhoods. They are fighting for the rights of home owners everywhere to air their laundry.

It’s doubtful that I will join in the fight to air my dainties. Although I do miss the smell of fresh sheets, I love my dryer and the delicate cycle too much. I do wish those who want to hang their laundry in their yard the best.

Will you be joining the fight? Leave us a comment and let us know if you or your neighbors hang your laundry out and your thoughts.

Never Give Up – Even After 950 Times!

There are some people in life who I’ve met and wish I hadn’t, and some people who I’ve never met, but wish that I could. I’ve never met the lady pictured, but I admire her. Why? Because she truly understands the saying Never Give Up. This south Korean lady, age 68, knows persistence, failure, perseverance, and now a sense of accomplishment.

She took her written exam for her driver’s license 950 times. That’s right, 950 times. I’m a strong woman and quite confident, but I truly don’t think that I would have that kind of determination. This lady has taken her written test almost daily since 2005. She’s determined to get her driver’s license so she can become self-sufficient. She owns a vegetable selling-business.

For everyone who is struggling in any area of their life and is finding themselves on the Whoa Me Trip and thinking about giving up, please allow this lady to be an example for you. Never give up.

Sister Love

I adore my sister. As I’ve gotten older, I have truly learned to appreciate her. Please allow me to introduce her, Teresa, shown on the right. This picture is of us when I was visiting her in Savannah, GA last month. I wish the photographer had told me that my purse straps were twisted, lol.

When we were growing up, we were vastly different. She was a tomboy. She refused to play with dolls or be a guest at my tea parties. She preferred to jump on a pogo stick, play baseball and beat up the boys in the neighborhood. She hated house cleaning, cooking and doing laundry. As a result, I decided to start a business. I charged her to do her household choirs. It paid off, as a teen I was never broke. Enterprising became a way of life for me, in addition I started charging my brothers to iron their shirts. In the 60’s, ruffled shirts for men were in. They had no clue how to iron them, so they were happy to pay me.

We look back on those days and laugh. She’s visiting this week, and last night she reminded me that I was a tattle tail when we were growing up. When we first started school, we weren’t allowed to wear pants. My mother’s religion forbid it. When we reached Junior High, my sister managed to get someone to purchase jeans for her. She would carry them to school, and change her cloths when we got there. I told on her, yes I did. If she was going to wear pants, I was going to wear them too. She was furious. Eventually my mother changed her outlook and we were allowed to wear pants.

We have become “two peas in a pod” as my mother says. Exchanging recipes, shopping, chatting on Facebook, and discussing our own family problems. It has become a way of life for us. I’m so grateful to have her as a sister, we love each other unconditionally and that is priceless.

When I’m down or stressed, I read a plague that she gave me years ago. It says, “Sister- I see God’s beauty in you. I thank God for you always”. It always makes me feel better. Isn’t that beautiful? I know that I don’t tell her often enough, but I thank God for her too.

Do You Wear White After Labor Day?

Do you wear white after Labor Day? I do, but 90% of our readers stated that they did not wear white after Labor Day. Fashion etiquette used to say that white after Labor Day was taboo. Fashion designers say that summer whites should be packed away, but winter white is acceptable.

I’m not into fashion as I once was, but I do pack my summer white capri, shorts and dresses away and bring out the winter white. Summer white fabric is too thin to wear in the winter here. I live in West Virginia, it gets cold. I do love creams, beiges, off-white in the winter, it looks so fresh.  According to glamour, we shouldn’t put away our white denim!  Suze Yalof Schwartz, executive fashion editor at Glamour says, “Nothing is more chic than white jeans in the wintertime with a chunky cozy sweater or a blazer and leather boots.” I love blazers and leather boots. I have a closet full of them.  I don’t own a pair of white demin jeans, but I’ll be purchasing a pair this year.  Put on you winter white ladies. It’s in.

I Love the Twelve Hotel

I spent a week in Savannah and Atlanta, a combination of business and pleasure. For the last few days of my stay I stayed at the fabulous Twelve Hotel. It was absolutely beautiful. The hotel is located in downtown Atlanta about 5 blocks from the Coca Cola Company, Aquarium, Olympic Park and the CNN Building. I was hoping that I would see that gorgeous Don Lemon or Dr. Gupta with his fine self, but it didn’t happen. LOL! Fortune Magazine has name this hotel as one of the best business hotels in the country. Rightfully so. It was incredible.

There’s a wonderful gourmet sandwich shop around the corner from the hotel, Jimmy Johns. They have the best sub sandwiches. It takes less than 5 minutes to get your order. By the time I paid, the sandwich was made, bagged and ready to go. If you want to splurge, visit BLT Steak on Ivan Allen Blvd. It’s ranked as the number two steakhouse in Atlanta. It’s also around the corner from the hotel. You see that I spoke of food first, that’s my top priority rather I’m traveling for business or pleasure.

Now for my take on the hotel. There’s nothing better than having the comforts of home while you’re away. This hotel delivers. It has a full kitchen with gorgeous stainless steel appliances and cherry cabinets. It also offers a dining area and breakfast bar if you wish to cook. Not interested in cooking, they have a ghost computer where you can order room service and set your wake-up call on line. Room service can be expensive with the delivery fee and gratuity, but it was worth it. The hotel also delivers mixed drinks, wine, beer whatever your preference. If you want to socialize, they have an upscale restaurant and bar down stairs.

There’s a balcony off the bedroom. I was on the 11th floor, so I didn’t venture out too far. Although I’m a veteran flyer, I have a fear of being on balconies if I’m up that high. I wanted to admire the view of downtown Atlanta, so I did stick one foot out while holding on to the door, lol. Downtown Atlanta is beautiful at night. I tried to get a few night photos, but they didn’t turn out. Proving once again, I need photography lessons.

I absolutely loved the bedroom. The decor was stunning. It was spacious, and offered ample closet and drawer space. It was decorated in a contemporary decor with a king size bed and full length stainless steel mirror. The bed was comfortable and the bedding soft. I woke up feeling rested and ready to start my day.

The hotel room had a separate shower, but I decided to filled this tub while I was there. I always carry candles when I travel. I lite my candles and soaked until the water turned cold. It was so relaxing. My tub is just as nice, but I’m always in a hurry so I jump in the shower. I’ve decided that I’m going to use it more often. It’s good for these aching joints and old bones. Twelve Hotel offers a complimentary robe too. If you wish to purchase it will cost you $75.00. I didn’t purchase, but I did make use of it. It was soft and comfortable. My body could get used to Egyptian cotton, lol. Than again anything would be better than my tattered and torn bathrobe at home.
In the summer, you can take a swim in the pool located on the roof top.  I’m a veteran traveler, and this hotel met all my needs except one. It doesn’t have a washer or dryer for hotel guest. It offers laundry service, but there’s a fee for each piece of clothing. I had a week’s worth of clothing with me, so I opted to carry my dirty laundry home somthing I hate to do.

The rooms start at $189.00 a night. The Marta Train is across the street, which takes you to the airport or the hotel will arrange a shuttle or a cab. I took a cab since I was carrying numerous bags. The hotel is located 12 miles from the airport, and they offer a flat rate fee of $30.00 for door to door service. If you’re in the Atlanta area and looking for a 5 star hotel, Twelve Hotel is the place to stay. It’s a business traveler’s paradise. I thank my employer for such luxurious accommodations. They usually set me up at the Crown Plaza when I’m in Atlanta, but they out did themselves on this trip. I Loved Twelve Hotel.

Where’s My Go-Go Boots?

Do You Love These boots? You know you want them, lol. I recently celebrated my birthday and I’ve been reminiscing about the 60’s and 70’s. This is the era that I grow up in. I’ve posted about events and slang during the 60’s, I’ll focus on fashion in this post.

In the 60’s and 70’s I really wasn’t into the Hippie look. My favorite outfits were bell bottoms, halter tops (back outs) minis, and my white Go Go boots. I was a “fox” if I must say so myself. For those who don’t know, fox was 60/70’s slang for an attractive woman. Fashion in the 60 and 70’s was bold and fun. The colors were vivid yellow, orange, purple, and blues.

I loved my Go Go boots. I remember my boots as if I just took them off. They were white with a low heel and a side zipper. Go Go boots were suppose to fit tightly around your calf, but my legs were so skinny at that time I had to wrap paper towels around them so my boots would fit snugly. Oh, those were the days. My Go Go boots and skinny legs are long gone, but the memories remain. Go Go boots became the rage when the song “These Boots Were Made for Walkin” became popular. Nancy Sinatra, daughter of Frank Sinatra, performed the song.

I wore my Go Go boots with mini skirts and tights or hot pants and tights. In the 60’s mini skirts and hot pants were tasteful. I wore my mine with fishnet or window pane stockings. I actually found fishnets at Wal-Mart last year. They brought back memories.

Another favorite was my back out, i.e. halter top. I wore my halter top with hip hugger bell bottom jeans and a fringe bell. I also had yellow and pink bell bottoms. I was looking good, at least I thought I was. In the 70’s I adored my maxi dresses. They are making a come back, and I feel just as comfortable in them today as I did in the 70’s.

I sported an Afro too. I spent alot of time shaping it with a pick similar to the one shown.  My hair was long and thick, so my Afro was huge.  I looked like a stick with a big bush on top of it, OMG.  I don’t know how I carried all that hair.  To make matters worst, which at the time I thought I was looking good, I wore blue eye shadow, a line of blush on my cheeks and lip gloss.  I wish I had pictures to show you how fashionable and fly I was back in the day.  I know I would have you on the floor, but you’ll have to use your imagination on this one.  This era has passed, but it was a fun time in my life and I love looking back on it. I wouldn’t trade those years for anything.

What was fashionable back in the day for you? Leave us a comment and tell us about your favorite outfits growing up.

Words – Slang of the 60’s

I recently celebrated my birthday, and I’ve been reflecting on my years growing up. I born was in 1960. You remember the 1960’s or at least heard of the hippies, psychedelic era, go go boots, hot pants, mini skirts, the peace sign, and Woodstock. There was alot going on during those years. I thought I would bring back a few memories or education those who were born years later to historic events, slang, fashion etc. during that time.

I was born in 1960, so I would have been between the age of newborn – 9 years old during this time. I grow up in a small town, so there wasn’t many places to go or hang out. We just walked around town and just had fun. I remember seeing teenagers sitting on what we called “The Wall” just hanging out. They wore jeans, headbands, tie-dyed shirts, love beads, and walked barefoot or wore flip flops. It was the era of Peace and Love.

One of my fondest memories is my mother buying dye so we could tie-dye shirts in the backyard. She purchased tee shirts for us, and helped us place the rubberbands on the shirts in just the right spots. She repeated constantly, “Tie them tight”. It was important that the rubber band be on the shirt tightly so we achieve the right circular affect. We had wore bell bottom jeans and peace signs. We had a great time.

Here is some of the slang that was used in the 1960’s. I’m sure it will generate a few giggles:

  • A Gas – Having fun.
  • Ape: Upset, emotional etc.
  • Bad Ass – Someone who appeared tough
  • Ball – To party or have a good time
  • Bum a Smoke – Borrow a cigarette from somebody
  • Bitchin’ – Great or good
  • Book – Leave the scene
  • Bookin’ – Moving fast
  • Bread – Money
  • Bummed Out – Down or depressed
  • Burn Rubber – Squeal tires and leave a rubber burn
  • Candyass – Someone seen as a wimp or uncool
  • Chick – a girl/woman
  • Clean – Looking good
  • Crash – Go to bed or to sleep
  • Cruising – To drive around town looking for members of the opposite sex.
  • Decked Out – Dressed Up
  • Dibs – To own it.
  • Dig – Do you understand what’s being said?
  • Don’t Sweat It – Don’t let something bother you.
  • Far-out – Sonething is awesome
  • Fine as Wine – Someone who is good-looking
  • Fink – Tattletale
  • Five Finger Discount – Something obtained by stealing it
  • Flower Child – A Hippie
  • Fox – A good looking chick
  • Fuzz – The Police
  • Groovy – Something is cool or nice.
  • Hang Loose – Take it easy
  • Hickey – A passion mark on the neck.
  • Hip – To be cool.
  • Hunk – A good looking guy.
  • Later – Goodbye
  • Lay It On Me – Tell me about it.
  • Loaded – Someone who is drunk.
  • Make Out – Kissing
  • Moon – To drop your pants and show your bare butt
  • Old Lady or Old Man – Mom and Dad.
  • On the Rag – In a bad mood.
  • Pig – A Cop
  • Rap – To talk/have a conversation
  • Ride – A car, truck, or motorcycle
  • Right On – Exactly/got that right.
  • Score – To have sex with a girl.
  • Shades – Sunglasses
  • Shotgun – The passenger seat of the car.
  • Skirt – A girl
  • Split – To leave
  • Square – Not cool
  • Stacked – A girl with a nice shape.
  • The Bird – The middle finger.
  • Threads – Nice Clothes.

I hope you enjoyed our list of 60’s slang. We want to know what was happening during your birth year. Leave us a comment with the slang that was popular during that time or add to our list of 60’s slang.