Book Review – My Marriage My Testimony

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We all have a purpose in life. First, if you’re struggling to save your marriage or understand your purpose, add My Marriage, My Testimony to your reading list. Second, find yourself a quiet spot and prepare to devour it.  I literally read this book in one sitting. 

Few of us know our purpose in life. This author explains how she found her calling and happiness after being miserable for years. Additionally, she discusses her troubled marriages and the pain of infidelity.  She goes on to discuss her upper class upbringing; however, she finds herself in the welfare office getting food stamps.  She shares how she thought she would die from the  pain of infidelity, but manages to find her calling as a result of it. 

Are you finding yourself in any of this?  Furthermore, Darlene Jackson, painfully shares the mental abuse that was inflicted on her during her first marriage. After she finds the strength to leave her abuser, he refuses to financially support his own children. 

Most importantly, she shares how she simply couldn’t bare to look at her second husband’s love child after his betrayal.  Understandably, she found herself hating her husband. Even so, God placed circumstances in her path that wouldn’t allow her to leave him.  She found herself at her lowest. During that time, she places her hands in God’s hands and finds her purpose in life. She also found the strength and courage to love her husband again by forgiving him for the pain he caused her. She states that she let go and let God change her husband from the inside out.

Eventually, he gave his life to God as well and they now have the marriage she dreamed of. She is now a minister who shares her story to help others who have lost their way, divorced, been betrayed or who are trying to understand their purpose in life.

Finally, I purchased this book on my Kindle.  It’s about 85 pages and easy to read.  The author has the ability to make you feel her story and also think about your life. Purchase a copy for yourself or give it as a gift. It’s a great gift for those who are struggling in any area of their life. 


Abigail and the Jungle Adventure Book Review


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I was given the opportunity to review this book and readily accepted the opportunity.  In return, I was furnished a copy of the Kindle ebook; however, all opinions are my own.

Abigail and the Jungle Adventure is the first book in the Explore the World series.  Abigail is the star in the series.  In the Jungle Adventure she is staying with her grandparents for Christmas while her parents are on a business trip.  While her grandparents are napping, she heads off to the attic to explore.  There are boxes full of all kinds of things, but what catches her eye is a shiny object hiding under a blanket.  To her surprise, a red bicycle is hiding underneath.  The bicycle has a basket with a book.  She dusts off the book and opens it.  There are pictures of the jungle, the North Pole, the Himalayas, the Sahara desert and more.  On the last page was a letter telling the reader to think of the place they want to visit and repeat, “Take me there, let me see, show me where I want to be!”.  She was to repeat this 3 times. 

She did, and to her surprise she was on the bicycle and riding over the Amazon Jungle.  During her adventure she meets an Indian boy named Nuka.  They become friends and she visits his village.  She meets his granddad and his friends, but even in story books all things come to end.  Abigail must return home.  She repeats the magical words and returns to her grandparents just in time for dinner. 

She tells her grandmother about her adventure, but her grandmother just shakes her head.  Her granddad winks and smiles and Abigail winks back.  She was already planning her next adventure. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the book.  The book is appropriate for children ages 2 – 8.  My granddaughter is 4, so she loves for me to read to her.  My grandson is 8, he is able to read to her as well.  It makes a great anytime book.  I love that the authors are involving characters of different cultures into the stories.  I believe that children should see children who look like them, but they should also see those who look different from them.  It allows them to ask questions and understand diversity at an early age. 

The book is easy enough for both preschoolers and older children to understand.  It keeps them interested through the adventure.  The illustrations are bright and fun as well.  I received the ebook; however, it is available in paperback.

I highly recommend this book, and I’m looking forward reading the other 2 books in the collection, Abigail and the Sahara Adventure and Abigail and the North Pole Adventure.  Head over to Amazon and download your purchase of Abigail and the Jungle Adventure


Book Review – A Week At The Beach



One of my favorite pass times is reading.  I’m checking a few books off my reading list.  I just finished A Week at the Beach, by Virginia Jewel. It was a big deviation for me because I’m a true crimes reader.  I loved the book, it’s an easy read and great if you like romances.  

First, the book is about 2 friends, Chrissy and Cami, who are from New York.  Chrissy’s stepfather owns a beach house in the Outer Banks, so they head there for a week’s vacation. The house is occupied when they arrive. Darren, who is related to Chrissy’s step father, and his friend Nick have also decided to use the family beach house. Let the fun begin.   

Next, Chrissy is party girl who seems to have things handed to her on a silver platter. Cami is the complete opposite.  She’s the good girl who doesn’t party much or hook up with guys that she just meets.  She comes from a middle class family and is a school teacher.  In spite of their differences, they remain friends and share life’s ups and downs.  As a result, a week in the Outer Banks brings thrills for both of them.   

Most of all, the author does a good job of keeping the reader engaged with each of the characters.  The story takes several unexpected turns, so bring a bowl of popcorn and your favorite drink. You may not want to put it down. The language is appropriate ,and it doesn’t go into too many details during the sex acts.  I downloaded the e-book from Amazon for free; however,  I would recommend purchasing the paperback.   

In conclusion, the book is a great read in the airport or on the plane. Not traveling, curl up in front of the fireplace or during that much needed break in the bathtub.  I will be checking out more of Virginia Jewel’s e-books.  I’ll keep you posted.