9 Fall Snack Ideas For Kids

kids snack ideas, fall food ideas

Finding healthy and fun snack ideas for kids can be a struggle.  Fall means Halloween and the temptation to eat candy, and lots of it. We rounded up 9 snack ideas from mom bloggers that you and the kids will love. Offer a healthy treat between the candy indulges. If you missed Trick or Treating we have a few candy/sweet treats too. You can find our roundup ideas here: 

  1. Jack O Lantern Snack Bag  from Made To Be A Momma
  2. Pumpkin Oranges  from My Fussy Eater
  3. Rice Krispy Turkey Legs  from Yahoo Makers
  4. Pretzel & Cheese Brooms  from One Little Project At A Time
  5. Turkey Hand Snack Bag from That’s What Che Said
  6. Turkey Vegetable Cup  from Organic Authority
  7. Indian Corn Thanksgiving Favors from Shaken Together
  8. Little Frankies  from Green Lunches Green Kids
  9. Candy Corn Fruit Cups from Baby Blog Center

My favorites are 1, 8 and 9.  My grandson loves Cheetos and my granddaughter loves fruit. What’s your favorite?