My Favorite Family Holiday Traditions

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Today, I want to share a few of the holiday traditions that I started with my grandchildren.  Each year we visit the Parade of Lights in Virginia Beach. I started this tradition six years ago with my grandson, and it’s something that we look forward to now.  

We drive on the boardwalk, which is only allowed once a year, to see these brilliant displays. We order hot dogs and hot chocolate, while we’re waiting our turn to get on the boardwalk.   We’re able to tune-in to a local radio station that plays Christmas music while you’re making the drive. I love the fact that nobody is in a hurry.  Everybody takes their time making the drive and allows visitors to hop out and take pictures.  There are jumping fishing, soldiers, surfing Santa, dinosaurs, you name it. It is truly a treat for the kids, they are in awe. Those brilliant lights have that kind of effect even if you have seen them year after year.  They do change several of the displays from year to year, so part of the fun is seeing what’s new.    


Another family tradition is visiting Hunt Club Farm to see their animated displays.  Totally cool!  Santa’s elves are at work making dolls and other great toys, bears are fishing, reindeer are checking Santa’s Naughty or Nice List, and Santa waits at the end of the tour for a photo opp.  

It’s important for my grandchildren to look back over the years when they believed and remember holiday traditions.  Hopefully, these traditions will inspire them to create a few of their own when they have a family.  What traditions have you started with your children or grandchildren?  

My 15 Favorite Christmas Songs

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Welcome to the third day of my 12 Days of Christmas posts.  I have favorite songs that I like to play during the holiday season, so I’m focusing on my favorite Christmas songs.  Shortly after Thanksgiving, I blow the dust off the CDs and crank up the volume on the CD player. Christmas music just puts me in a festive mood, and motivates me to start decorating for the holiday season. I start off the season with Merry Christmas To All of You by The Temptations. It’s my all time favorite Christmas song, and by the time the holiday season is over everyone in my house is hoping that I will never play it again.  I do play others, by that particular song is at the top of the list. Here’s my top Christmas songs:

  • Merry Christmas To All of You  – The Temptations
  • O Holy Night – Celine Dion 
  • All I Want For Christmas – Mariah Carey
  • Please Come Home For Christmas – Aron Neville
  • Up on the Roof Top – Jackson Five
  • Carol of the Bells – Celtic Woman
  • Run Rudolph Run – Chuck Berry
  • Some Day At Christmas – Jackson Five
  • Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt
  • Silent Night – The Temptations
  • Merry Christmas Baby – Bruce Springteen
  • Merry Christmas – Rod Stewart 
  • Christmas Through Your Eyes – Gloria Estefan
  • White Christmas – Kenny G
  • What Christmas Means – Kem
Are you familiar with any of them?  If not, you should check them out. They’re perfect for an open house or holiday gathering too.  Personally, I love to listen to Christmas music while I’m decorating the house, Christmas gifts or sipping a little eggnog.
Music gets everyone in a festival mood.  We could all use a little holiday inspiration, right.  Download a few tunes, and get in the holiday spirit too.  Leave a comment on your favorite Christmas songs, we may want to add it to our playlist. You may also like:  12 Days of Christmas – Family


Kid’s Breakfast Ideas: Snowman Pancakes



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Today I’m featuring my favorite fun kid’s breakfast ideas
.  How about a snowman pancake?  I fix these the morning of Christmas Eve, and the kids love them. They make the kids happy and they put everyone in a festive mood.  So, festive pancakes are a great way to start the Christmas celebration.  Besides, they are quick, easy and fun to make.  To make things more festive, try to find a winter themed plate to place them on.  You should be able to find them on at the Dollar Tree, Big Lots or Dollar General. I found the plates shown at the Dollar Tree.

 The recipe for these snowman pancakes is simple:

 Step 1 – Whip up your favorite pancake batter and made 3 pancakes, small, medium and large.

 Step 2 – Use a black food pen to make the buttons, mouth and eyes.  If you don’t have a food pen on hand, use chocolate chips.

 Step 3 – Cut 2 strips of bacon, 1 for the scarf and 1 for the arms.  You cut out fingers in the bacon with a pair of scissors for the arms.  I was lucky when I made the pancakes this time.  I found snowman paper plates, so I didn’t make the bacon arms. Place the other piece between the small and medium pancakes for the scarf.

These pancakes are fun and easy to make.  They should be placed on your fun kid’s breakfast ideas list. Get out the griddle and get to work. The adults enjoy them as much as the kids.  There’s a child in each of us, and they come roaring to the surface during the holidays. When the children eat everything on their plate, I tell them that they’ve made a happy plate.  I’m sure there will be happy plates in your home too.  Enjoy!

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