5 Festive and Delicious Holiday Dog Treats: Unique Gifts

holiday dog treat ideas

Christmas is around the corner.  Soon the kitchen will be filled with the joys of baking.  Homemade cookies are always a Christmas favorite.  Either as gifts or treats for family and friends.  But what about the family pet?  They love treats too.

We gathered a few recipes, so that you can make delicious holiday dog treats for your family pooch.  If you don’t have a dog make these holiday dog treats for a family member’s or friend’s pooch.  They’re healthy and delicious, so you don’t have to worry about the treats being harmful to your pet.  We have bones, candy canes, Christmas Trees, gingerbread men, and mittens.  Perfect for gift giving.

Mint and Apple Dog Bones    –  Mint and apple are the flavors that your pet will be enjoying while nibbling on the doggy bone treats.  You make them natural or use green food coloring or spinach powder if you want a Christmas color.

Candy Cane Dog Treats – Another holiday dog treat is the candy cane. These are adorable, and festive too.  We all love candy canes, now you can give your pet a candy cane too.  They’ll be wagging their tail with joy when they taste the peppermint and chicken flavors in this festive treat.

Christmas Tree Dog Cookies – Another holiday dog treat!  A sure sign of that Christmas has arrived is the Christmas tree.  Celebrate the festivities with your pooch and these peanut butter treat.

Gingerbread Men Dog Treats  – Run, run as fast you can.  You can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man.  Toss your pet pal a few of these peanut butter gingerbread men.

Mitten Dog Treats – Your pet may not be able to wear them, but they can sure eat them.  Peppermint and peanut butter are the stars in these Christmas treats.

Wrap a few of these treats for yourself, a family member or friend.  They will be appreciative, and your 4-legged friend will love you for them.



Gift Ideas for Pets: Holiday Edition



gift ideas for pets

If only you could ask your four-legged family members exactly what’s on their holiday wish list. Luckily, there’s a good amount of empirical evidence that they’re partial to treats.  Furthermore, cozy places to snooze and games that channel their sense of fun. We’ve compiled a few gift ideas for pets that will help you show them your love:

Give your cat a spa treatment

With this facial massage roller.  It’s specially-designed for kitties.

A pet-loving pinch-hitter for when you’re not around 

Also known as a Rover.com pet sitter. Hate leaving your four-legged friend at home alone during the day? Hire a Rover sitter to take your pup for a walk, provide daycare, or even take them in for a weekend. There’s nothing your little love digs as much as attention.  Well, maybe treats, but we’ll get to that later.  So, during the times when you won’t be available, treat them to some extra love, exercise, and care from the experienced, thoroughly-vetted pet sitters at Rover.

A cozy new bed or blanket

Additional gift ideas for pets is to make a customized bed or blanket.  You can match it to your decor, the season, or whatever pattern or color your heart desires.  Purchase super soft fleece from your local craft or fabric store.  Cut two pieces the size you’d like the bed or blanket to be.  Next, cut fringe-like slits all around the border.  To make it into a bed, insert a pillow between the two pieces, then tie corresponding fringe pieces from each fabric piece together. To make it a blanket, simply tie together without the stuffing.

Catnip bubbles

Sounds too good to be true when it comes to kitty entertainment, but these bubbles combine the irresistible combination of catnip scent with the fun of bubbles, meaning you get to drive your cat crazy as they bat away at the smell of their favorite treats.

We hope you enjoyed our gift ideas for pets suggestions, and you will choose 1 or 2 ideas your pet or as a gift.