Winis Multifunctional Outdoor Poncho Review


outdoor poncho review


I was offered a discount on the Winis Multifunctional Outdoor Rain Poncho.  I’ve been looking for one to wear to my grandson’s football games, so I purchased the product at a discount in exchange for a review.  This post contains an affiliate link.  If you click on the and decide to purchase an item, I may receive a small commission.  The commission helps maintain Mother 2 Mother, and does not affect your cost for the item.

The poncho is available in two colors, orange and blue.  I love bold colors, so I choose the orange.  The poncho arrived quickly, and neatly packaged in a mini bag with a drawstring.  I loved the packaging concept.  It’s the perfect size for carrying in your purse or bag on those days that it’s calling for rain.   In my opinion, there’s nothing worst than being at an outdoor event and it starts pouring.  I hate using an umbrella at football games or other outdoor events.  My hands always manage to get wet and cold.


outdoor ponchosAlso, the poncho is perfect for wearing over a jacket or sweater.  However, I do recommend wearing a hat under the hood.  The hood has a drawstring on it, so you can adjust it easily.  Another feature that I like is that the poncho is tear resistant.  I was actually concerned, because the poncho is light.  But, it appears to be durable.  Cleaning is easy, you can just wipe it off with a damp cloth.

You can also use the poncho as a blanket. This is perfect for me, especially on warm days.  My granddaughter takes her dolls so she can play with her friends t her brother’s football games.  I can spread out the poncho and she has a play area. How cool is that.

In addition to wearing the poncho, it will make a great gift.  If you know someone who loves to fish, camp, or hike consider purchasing this multifunctional outdoor poncho.  In a downpour, you can cover items that you don’t want to get wet.  Stash one or two in your car for these occasions.  Although I didn’t get to wear the outdoor poncho during football season this year, I highly recommend purchasing one here.  I’m happy to have mine on hand when needed.