9 Halloween Drinks for Kids

Halloween Drink Ideas

Having a Halloween party or just want to treat the kids?  Serve a few of these Halloween drinks for kids.  Some are funny, some spooky, some creamy and some healthy.


Halloween Monster Floats

This drink is sure to bring shrills, thrills, and giggles.  Eyeballs, ears, and fangs. It’s scary good.  And, it only uses 3 ingredients: 7UP, lime sherbet, and ginger ale.  I purchased the body parts from Amazon.


Monster Hot Chocolate

Halloween Drinks for Kids

Perfect drink to take the chill off on the upcoming fall and winter nights.  Green is the name of the game in this monster cup of hot chocolate.  Thick, creamy and fun.


 Apple Monsters

Halloween drink ideas
Apple and apple juice are the stars in this drink.  There’s no recipe, this picture was Pinned from Pottery Barn. This is a great menu idea for my artistic followers.  Peel and carve monster faces on the applies.  Place in a see through container and fill with apple juice.  Enjoy!


Water Jack-O-Lanterns

Halloween drink ideas
My grandchildren love water, so this would be perfect in my home.  They would drink every bottle.  If you have kids that are involved in sports or having a party, this would be a great option.  It’s also a great option for those who like clear liquids or not wanting a sugary drink.  Find a template or get creative, remove the labels on the bottles and draw faces on the bottles.

                                                                                             Frankenstein Potion

Halloween drink ideas



Spooky Fog Drinks

Halloween Drink Ideas


Dry ice is the key to making this Spooky Foggy Drink.  This drink is sure to bring lots of awes!


VooDoo Punch

Halloween Drink Ideas


A Syringe of VooDoo Poison in a glass of Punch is the perfect drink for a Halloween party or for a Who Done It dinner.  Who will end up with the poisoned glass of punch?


Halloween Party Drinks

Halloween Drink Ideas


Purchase a piece of black vinyl and cut out faces for the bottles.  You can find the bottles here.


Mad Scientist Halloween Drink

Halloween Drink Ideas


We hope you enjoyed our selection of Halloween drinks for kids, and will whip a few for your party or a treat for the kids.  You may also like 9 Halloween Food Ideas for Kids.