Fun Halloween Crafts and Gifts for Children

halloween crafts, halloween


Now we are into the month of September; things are starting to look much more like fall. The kids are back at school, and the weather is starting to get a little cooler. The full season of fall will be here before we know it! There are so many fun things that you can do as a family during the season. It is a lovely time, where you can get snuggled with hot cocoa or bake lots of pumpkin spice treats. Of course, the exciting and fun time of Halloween will soon be upon us too. I don’t think that it is ever too early to start planning for Halloween. There are plenty of crafts that you can do with the kids, as well as give Halloween gifts. So if you are looking for some inspiration, you have come to the right spot.

halloween crafts, halloween gifts


Halloween Gift Ideas for Your Kids

Let’s face it; they will get plenty of candy when they visit neighbors or go trick or treating. So it might be nice to give them some things that aren’t candy related. I’m sure their dentist will be thankful! You could get some craft things for them together and create some cute labels. You could get some play dough and remove the normal label. There are lots of printables online, or you could always make your own. It could be a label to say something like ‘Boo Dough’ or ‘Witches Putty.’ If you choose the Halloween style colors, then it would make it even better. So look for orange, black or green dough.

You could even create some slime or putty of your own for them. The options are quite endless with this. It could be orange and pumpkin spice scented slime, or green witch or monster slime. There are lots of different recipes that you can find online. They are all quite straightforward to make and don’t need any crazy ingredients. Just pop it in a mason jar and print out a cute little label. It is a perfect gift for any elementary schoolers that you have. Who wouldn’t like some Halloween slime?!


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If you are a little short on time, then it might be easier to just get them a fall or Halloween themed gift from the store. How about a Halloween jigsaw puzzle from Stave, or a pumpkin scented candle or an actual pumpkin itself? Then they can spend time carving it or drawing funny faces on it. Instead of carving, you can also get some stickers or pins for pumpkins. Then they just stick things into and on the pumpkin. A bit safer for little ones, rather than having to get knives out to carve. Glow sticks are also a fun idea to put inside Jack o’lanterns, instead of candles. Much safer for our little ones.

Halloween Crafts for Your Kids

One fun little thing, which is still edible, though, could be making some sugar cookies. Get some leaf or Halloween shaped cookie cutters and then your kids can decorate them as they would like. It could be something that you give to friends or neighbors if you’d rather have someone else eat them!

I don’t know many children that don’t enjoy getting messy with paint. If you have got some green paint, then you can make some Frankenstein cards or decorations. Use the paint on feet and then print the feet onto cardstock. It is fun for everyone to get involved in. Then using some black finger paints, they can draw on some eyes, mouth, nose and of course, Frankenstein’s neck bolts. Then just cut them out to make some ‘bunting’ to display around the house.

Other crafts could be making some pasta skeletons. Glue dried pasta onto black paper or cardstock. They can make the skeleton bones with pasta, so get the penne style pasta or they could just use spaghetti. Quite a cheap but very fun activity. If your children are a little bit older, then making some pumpkin or ghost pompom could be a neat idea. You just get some cardboard in a circle, with a hole in the middle, to use as a frame. Then using the right color of wool, you can loop the wool through it. Keeping looping and pulling it tight. Then carefully cut around the middle of the loop, tie it up and you’ve got a pompom! Just stick on some eyes and it would make the perfect decoration this fall.

Have you got any favorite things to do with your little ones during fall?