Ideas for Organizing Board Games



organizing board games


You’ve collected a number of games because of your recent interest in old and new titles. However, it’s beginning to look like an episode of Hoarders at your home. Therefore, a bit of structure and organization has become a challenge.  Will you be declared the winner and once again the owner of your space? Here’s how to win with organization.  We also have a few tips on organizing board games:

Rolling Cart

Rolling carts are great for walking a few blocks with groceries or other items.  It’s also used to carry chairs, coolers and toys on the beach.  Also, a rolling cart is convenient for storing your board games. You can clearly see titles while neatly stacking them.

Soap Containers

Losing one card from a deck could mean spoiling the entire game forever. Seems like a major punishment for such a trivial thing as losing a small piece of paper. However, you won’t have to worry when you wrap a rubber band around the deck before placing it in a soap container. It’s an orderly, waterproof, and bend-proof way to maintain your card games.

Large Zip Lock

Likewise, it’s crucial to keep all game pieces in one spot. The game box was designed for this task, but mysterious things happen to pieces. Therefore, be proactive, ensure all pieces are kept together in a zip lock bag. Also, make sure the box maintains its integrity.

Toy Box

Moms and dads have been maintaining kids’ goodies in boxes and chests for years. Shell out some money and invest in a medium to large sized toy chest. With a bit of selection and an eye for interior decorating, you could buy a piece that looks great in your family or living room while it houses your tabletop games.

Closet Organizer

You can grab a closet organizer from your local Walmart or online at Amazon. It’s an easy fix for those who have too many shoes…or games. Rather than hang it in your bedroom closet, utilize your hall closet and store a plethora of board games.


How serious are you about board games? Serious enough to amass an entire library of titles? If so, rather than a place to house books use shelving to house your board game collection.  You can take the economical route, and build DIY shelves or you could hire a carpenter to build  something custom and more suitable for board games.

Milk Crates

They’re durable and great for storage.  Even better, you can stack them and place them beside one another. There’s no limit to how many games you can conveniently store in milk crates.

Wooden Ladder

Old, rustic looking ladders are chic at the moment and you can find them in kitchens, bedrooms, family rooms, etc. Decorators hang blankets over them, place books on top of rungs, or just paint them to match the interior. You can use one to arrange and start organizing board games in your home too.

We hope you like our tips on organizing board games, and will implement one or two in your home.