9 Fall Snack Ideas For Kids

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Finding healthy and fun snack ideas for kids can be a struggle.  Fall means Halloween and the temptation to eat candy, and lots of it. So, we rounded up 9 snack ideas from mom bloggers that you and the kids will love. It’s important to offer a healthy treat between the candy indulges.  If you don’t participate in Trick or Treat or if you missed Trick or Treat, we have a few candy/sweet treats too.  Let get the party started.  Here’s our roundup ideas:

  1. Jack O Lantern Snack Bag  from Made To Be A Momma.  First, this is one of my favorite snack bags.  The pumpkin faces are adorable, and kids love the cheese curls.  Also, I think cheese balls would work here too.  
  2. Pumpkin Oranges  from My Fussy Eater  – Second, my granddaughter loves cuties.  This would be a great family project too.  Decorate the cuties, and than eat them.
  3. Rice Krispy Turkey Legs  from Yahoo Makers – Next, these cute little drum sticks would make the perfect treat for a Thanksgiving school party or after dinner snack on Thanksgiving day. 
  4. Pretzel & Cheese Brooms  from One Little Project At A Time – Aren’t these little witch’s brooms adorable?  These are edible, cheese and a pretzel stick. Great snack combination.  
  5. Turkey Hand Snack Bag from That’s What Che Said – So, this is a great road trip snack ideas or a perfect hand out for a school party.   
  6. Turkey Vegetable Cup  from Organic Authority  – Looking for a healthy snack. I look for them too.  My grandson loves dipping celery and carrots in ranch dip.  I think he would love this cute little turkey cup.
  7. Indian Corn Thanksgiving Favors – from Shaken Together – This fun treat is actually Sixlets.  Personally, I have never heard of Sixlets and neither of my grandchildren has ever mentioned them.  However, they have chocolate in them so, they’re fine with me.
  8. Little Frankies  from Green Lunches Green Kids – I love this idea.  It’s simple, marshmallows and grapes.  
  9. Candy Corn Fruit Cups from Baby Blog Center – Last, but not least.  The color of candy corn is what brings this snack to life.  The bottom layer is pineapples, next cuties and a scoop of whipped cream.  Add a few candy corns, and the snack is complete.  

Finally, I hope you like our fall snack ideas for kids. My favorites are 1, 8 and 9.  My grandson loves Cheetos and my granddaughter loves fruit. What’s your favorite?  Also, you may like:  Fall Kindergarten Activities. 

Kid’s Breakfast Ideas: Snowman Pancakes



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Today I’m featuring my favorite fun kid’s breakfast ideas
.  How about a snowman pancake?  I fix these the morning of Christmas Eve, and the kids love them. They make the kids happy and they put everyone in a festive mood.  So, festive pancakes are a great way to start the Christmas celebration.  Besides, they are quick, easy and fun to make.  To make things more festive, try to find a winter themed plate to place them on.  You should be able to find them on at the Dollar Tree, Big Lots or Dollar General. I found the plates shown at the Dollar Tree.

 The recipe for these snowman pancakes is simple:

 Step 1 – Whip up your favorite pancake batter and made 3 pancakes, small, medium and large.

 Step 2 – Use a black food pen to make the buttons, mouth and eyes.  If you don’t have a food pen on hand, use chocolate chips.

 Step 3 – Cut 2 strips of bacon, 1 for the scarf and 1 for the arms.  You cut out fingers in the bacon with a pair of scissors for the arms.  I was lucky when I made the pancakes this time.  I found snowman paper plates, so I didn’t make the bacon arms. Place the other piece between the small and medium pancakes for the scarf.

These pancakes are fun and easy to make.  They should be placed on your fun kid’s breakfast ideas list. Get out the griddle and get to work. The adults enjoy them as much as the kids.  There’s a child in each of us, and they come roaring to the surface during the holidays. When the children eat everything on their plate, I tell them that they’ve made a happy plate.  I’m sure there will be happy plates in your home too.  Enjoy!

You may also like: Snowman Donuts or my Christmas White Trash recipe.  Try both, they’re fun and delicious.