Recommended Children’s Books: Terry the Treetop and the Little Bear

toddler book review


This post contains affiliates links.  I may be compensated if a purchase is made.  An electronic copy of Terry Treetop and the Little Bear was downloaded in exchange for an honest review.  I am building a library for my granddaughter, so I accepted the e-book.

A little boy named Terry and his spring adventure.  He is excited about the arrival of spring.  Terry loves to climb trees.  So, he climbed the tree to his treehouse to look for signs of his favorite season.  While there he spotted Cuckoo birds on branches, and spring flowers emerging.  Most importantly, the violet crocus flowers in their garden were definitely a sign of spring.  He jumped up and down and up and down.

While he was admiring the flowers and birds, he spots a bear club.  The club was searching for food, exploring his surroundings, and learning survival skills. Terry knew that cubs were born in the winter and came out of hibernation in the spring.  He wanted to be friends and play with the new cub.

He named his new friend Barry.  The bear headed to Terry’s swing to play, but it didn’t last long.  Mother bear came looking for Barry, and grunted for him to go back into the woods. Terry was sad because he didn’t get an opportunity to play with Barry, but he knew that Barry had to listen to his mother.

Next, Terry heard a strange sound.  He thought it was the mother bear yelling for help.  However, it was Barry.  He had fallen into a big hole, and was unable to get out.  Barry tried and tried to get out, but he just couldn’t climb to the top.   Terry remember his ladder that his friends used to climb up to his treehouse.  He placed in the hole for his new friend Barry to use.  Barry climbed out and became good friends with Terry.

In conclusion, I recommend  Terry Treetop and the Little Bear. It’s fun and the illustrations are engaging.  This would be a great bedtime story or when you just want to snuggle up and spend family time.

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