Child Birth Essentials For Your Overnight Bag

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Getting ready for child birth is huge for all expecting mothers. It can be stressful trying to get everything ready, especially if you are a new mom and aren’t sure exactly what to expect. You may not have complete control over the birth, but, thankfully, there is one thing that you can sort before you need to leave for the hospital.  That is your overnight bag. Every expectant mom needs to take an overnight bag with her so she can be as comfortable as possible during the birth. There are also things you should take that your newborn will need.  Here are some of the essentials you shouldn’t forget:

Comfortable Clothing

It is very important to take something light and stretchy to wear while you are in labor and when you leave the hospital. Going through labor can be extremely uncomfortable for many women.  Hospitals will provide one of their gowns or you can take your own.  Make sure the gown that you take is one that you don’t mind getting ruined.  Additionally, remember to pack soft T-shirts and jogging pants for the ride home.

Books And Magazines

Once admitted to the hospital, many women have to wait hours before they give birth.  You will be having contractions during this time, but they won’t be strong enough for you to start pushing.  Before strong labor pains kick in, you will just have to wait in your hospital room. So, remember to take some books and magazines with you.  You and your partner can read and do puzzles while you wait for the baby to arrive!  You could even do some puzzles on your smartphones.

Baby Clothes

Moms cherish the day that baby goes home. So, they usually pack an outfit for the occasion.  Additionally, many parents have their baby’s picture taken prior to bringing their baby home.  So, you may want to take an outfit for the hospital picture.  Check out the newborn section at

Snacks And Drinks

You will need to keep your energy level up while you are in labor.  The best way to do this is to have plenty of snacks with you. You will be able to get free water from the hospital.  Energy drinks that are isotonic are especially good to have with you.  Check with your mid-wife, hospital or doctor prior to your arrival.  Depending on how you intend to give birth, Natural, Epidural or C-Section may affect what you can eat or drink.

Hand Cream And Lip Balm

Women find that their lips and hands dry out a lot when they are in labor. To make sure this doesn’t irritate you too much, be sure to pack plenty of hand cream and lip balm. If your hands and lips ever feel chapped or flaky, simply massage some cream and balm in to give them extra moisture.