Backyard Birds – Red Bellied Woodpecker


It’s getting cold in my area, so I decided to fill the bird feeders this week-end and do a little bird watching.  In the summer, I don’t fill the feeders as often.  Most of my backyard birds feast on the sunflowers in my garden. I thought it would take a few days for the birds to find the seed since I hadn’t filled them for months, but it only took a few hours.  Check out my other backyard bird posts before you leave. 


backyard birds, feeding wildlife, woodpeckers


Within a few hours, I was jumping for joy when I saw this fellow at the feeder. This is a male Red Bellied Woodpecker. Isn’t it beautiful. If you’re wondering where the red is on his belly, I was too.  I do know they love the black oil sunflower seeds that I place in the feeder.  But, they love pecking on this tree and my gutters.  Apparently, the sound resonates and a potential mate will hear the call.  They also hide seed for later consumption in the crevices of trees, which is what he’s doing in the picture below. This winter I will set out a suet feeder.  They love any kind of suet.

backyard birds, feeding wildlife, woodpeckers


Furthermore, if you want to attract Red Bellied Woodpeckers to your backyard, purchase or build a platform feeder and add black oil sunflowers or safflower seeds.  Red bellied woodpeckers love peanut butter and cracked corn too.  I add peanut butter to pine cones during the winter.  You can find my post on peanut butter pine corns here.  Peanuts are a favorite too.

Are you a bird watcher?  What are some of your favorite backyard birds?