15 Summer Activities For Kids

summer activities for kids


School’s out!  This time of year can be stressful for parents.  However, it is a joyful time for the kids. They can sleep in, they will be home all day, and they will need to be occupied in a fun and healthy way.  So, I have a list of summer activities for kids that won’t break the bank.

Furthermore, checking the local newspaper, subscribing to local sites like the zoo, the aquarium, family fun centers, can help you come up with activities.  Getting off the electronics and outside getting fresh air and enjoying the sunshine should be at the top of your list.

Here’s a few activities on my list:

1.  Crafts and Coloring – I’ll occupy the 5  year old with crayons and printables that I collect all year. My grandson loves to do crafts too.  He’s very artistic, so he enjoys drawing and painting.  Set-up a table outside in a shady spot and let them paint and color until their heart is content.

2. Matinee Movies – Matinees are a great summer activity with the kids. They’re much cheaper than evening shows.  Also, theatres in my area offer free movies once a week until the end of the summer.  Check out your local theatre for freebies.

3. Family Fun Center – Next, add a water park to your list of summer activities for kids. You can also include arcade centers, paint ball fun and more.

4. We’ll spend a day at Shenandoah Caverns in Virginia – They have beautiful caverns, an area that houses props from Presidential Inaugurations, floats from Macy’s and the Rose Bowl parades, and an original 1957 Cafe that serves old time shakes, burgers and fries.  Check out your area for unique places to visit.

5. Day At The Park – I will be planning an old fashioned picnic.  Something most parents have lost sight off these days. I will be packing a picnic basket with sandwiches, drinks etc. and find a spot where we can just enjoy nature. The park also has swings, ducks, and paddle boats  Adding in a walk will be the perfect way to get exercise with the kids too. No grilling on this day.

6.  Story Hour At the Library – I’m still partial to actual books and I’ve started a library for both of my grandchildren. I think it’s important that the kids be exposed to books and family friendly stories.  Our local library also offers other activities, so I’ll have to see what’s on the calendar during their stay.

7.  Baking Day – We’ll make funnel cake and bake cupcakes.  The kids love to cook.  I found a kit that has flower pots that we can bake the cupcakes in.  Delicious Blooming Cupcakes baked in a flower pot makes a yummy day.

8.  Berry Picking Day – We’ll spend a few hours at a local farm picking berries to make homemade jam.  They love it on toast and biscuits.

9.  Home Movie Day – We’ll spend the day watching movies from the home DVD collection and eating popcorn. I also have Infinity on Demand. I can found shows or movies that we didn’t see at the theater.

10. Sprinkler Day & Sleep Over – I’ll invite a few of their cousins over to spend the day running through the sprinklers and a sleep over.  I have issues with public pools and the things that happen in them.  They can’t add enough chlorine for me! I’m debating on whether or not I want to put a pool in my backyard.  Once I retire, we’ll be able to enjoy it during the summer.

11. Fishing  – We’ll spend the day fishing and throwing back the fish at one of the stocked ponds in the area.  Life jackets for this one.

12. Summer Reading List –  We’re all avid readers in my family, and this summer I will be adding to my grandson’s summer reading list.  I will be downloading a few books on his Kindle, but I also want him to enjoy handling a good old fashion book.

13. Nature Hike – Summer activities for kids should include a day with nature. Set up a day to go on a small nature hike.  Give each kid a backpack with water, snacks, a magnifying glass, and disposal camera. You can look for bugs, birds, and flowers.

14. Bird Watching – Add birding to your summer activities for kids. Buy inexpensive binoculars for the kids and find them a shady spot in the backyard where they can watch the birds from a feeding station. Let them fill up the feeders, and than wait for the birds to retrieve the treats.

15. Sea Shell Hunt – If you live close to the beach, set up a day to go on a sea shell hunt. You can use the shells to make crafts.

Finally, we hope that you find a few of our summer activities for kids inspirational.  Implement one or two, and get your kids off to a great summer. What activities do your children like to do or participate in during the summer?