Blue Ridge Mountains Fall Foliage

First, have you seen the fall foliage when it’s in its peak on the Blue Ridge Mountains?  These are the Blue Ridge Mountains John Denver sang about.  Yes, the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah River are in my backyard so to speak.  Furthermore, this scene is down the road from me.  I pass it when I’m headed to the grocery store.  So, I decided to stop yesterday and snap a few pictures.  In the picture below, the mountains are boasting brilliant colors in the background and the apple trees are loaded with crisp, fresh apples.  It’s so nice to be surrounded by this beauty.

Additionally, week-end drives are a must for me during this time of year.  It requires me to unplug for a minute and it is so worth it.  Seeing this kind of beauty warms my heart and gives me a new found appreciation for the beauty that surround me.  It is truly an incredible and breathtaking view that brings peace to my being.  I have learned to appreciate it, and now sit for a few minutes just absorbing all that was being offered to me.  

So, I also thought about all the people who were driving by.  I wondered if they noticed the beauty that I was inhaling. It’s so imperative to not take things for granted.  I learned that lesson over the years.  Most importantly, we’re always in a hurry and fail to stop and enjoy the small things in life.

For example, my daughter lives 10 minutes from the Virginia Beach.  However, her family rarely goes to the beach. They prefer to drive 5 hours to Myrtle Beach, SC.  We’re surrounded by these beautiful mountains, but we drive by them as if they don’t exist.  Life is funny isn’t it.

Last, we have another week to enjoy the foliage while it is in full peak, so stay tuned for more fall pictures.  What beauty are you surrounded by, but really don’t appreciate or take for granted?

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