Airport Tips for Parents Traveling With Children

airport tips for parents


Summer is here!  We’re all looking forward to a nice long vacation.  Some of us will be traveling by car to our destinations, and some of us will be heading to the airport with children in toll.  Traveling can be stressful, but traveling with children raises stress to a new level.

So, how can you get through the airport with children and keep your sanity?  We have a few airport tips for parents that will make you a professional traveler in no time:

  1. Discuss expectations with the kids – First, let the kids know that they are expected to follow directions, and they are to stay with a family member at all times.  Once you get to the airport, discuss airport and plane instructions as well.
  2. Arrive early – Second, you will need plenty of time to check bags and get through security  Furthermore, you will need time to get drinks and snacks if you didn’t bring them.  Allow your children time to relax with an electronics game or book.  They may also want to checkout the planes on the tarmac etc.
  3. Get in the line designated for travelers with children – Next, you should know that not all airports have designated lines.  So, check with the airport before you arrive.
  4. Children 12 and under have different procedures – Children are allowed to keep their shoes, jackets on,  etc. on while going through security.  Furthermore, they will not be separated from their parents.  If you have an infant, you must remove them the carrier and carry them the detector with you.
  5. Children 13 and older must follow adult procedures – Children 13 and older must follow the same procedures as adults.
  6. All backpacks and carry on bags must be screened –  This includes your child’s.  So, make sure you are not carrying liquids or other items prohibited by TSA.  Allow yourself enough time to get beverages once you get through airport security.
  7. Pull Ups will come in handy  – If you have a child 6 or younger, use them.  It’s better than having an accident in the airport or on the seat of the plane.  Having to change out of wet underpants is a task you don’t need.
  8. Carry a change of clothes for the kids – Having a change of clothing with you just in case of an accident is a good thing.  This could be spills from eating or drinking, upset tummies and more.
  9. Wear slip on shoes and socks – Wearing shoes that you can easily take off and put on will help alleviate your struggle to get through the airport.  Remember belts, jewelry and other items can cause the detector to go off.  Put some thought into your dress for departure and your return.
  10. Pack carefully – You will have to get bags through security and through the airport.  Lugging heavy bags can be stressful, but also physically dangerous when trying to keep up with kids.
  11. Purchase ID Bracelets – We hope that we don’t get separated from our children, but sometimes things happen.  Place an ID bracelet on your children, and give them instructions on what they should do if they get separated.  First, they should immediately found another mom or someone wearing a uniform.  Second, instruct your children to tell the adult that they are lost from their parents, and last show them their ID Bracelet.
  12. Take advantage of early boarding – Airlines will allow travelers with children to board early.  This is one of the most crucial airport tips for parents that we have.
  13. Be patience –  Additionally, another one of most recommended airport tips for parents is patience.  You will need it.
  14. Baggage Claim – Furthermore, you must remain vigilant in getting your children through the airport.  Your last stop will be baggage claim.  A rest room break would be good at this time too.  If you have two adults traveling, I would suggest one stay with the children and the other retrieve the bags off the carasaul.   Furthermore, a  few bucks for a skycap or cart will be money well spent.
  15. Apply for a TSA Pre-check Clearance – Also, with a pre-check clearance, you will be allowed to by-pass removing your shoes, taking out electronics.  As a result, you can focus on the children and take them through the detector with you.  To fully maximize your pre-clearance, apply for your clearance before you make your airline reservations.  Additionally, you can enter your clearance number into the system when you make your airline reservations.

Last, allowing sufficient time to get through the airport is essential.  Furthermore, becoming upset and grumpy will make the trip unpleasant for everyone.  Most importantly, children will be excited at one point and frightened at others.  So, it is your responsibility to get them through both.

Finally, we hope you found our airport tips for parents useful.  You may also like: 13 Tips for Parents Traveling with Children