Kid’s African American Inventions Word Search Puzzle


Black History Month Activities

February is Black History Month.  During the month of February, we celebrate the accomplishments of our African American inventors.  African American heroes and many others who have made a contribution to the country are celebrated too.  You can educate your kids using printables that are engaging.

I think it’s important to shed light on the accomplishments of those who helped build our country.  Unfortunately, many were not recognized for their contributions.  Even now, some people believe that many African American contributions have been diminished.   There’s a debate as to whether or not we should continue Black History Month.

However, I will participate in the celebration as long as it’s being celebrated.  I just like to have a good time regardless.  In my opinion, children should learn about everyone’s contribution to our country.  Most importantly, they should not take things for granted.  Our country is great because of the diverse people who have made a contribution.

Finally, many African Americans have contributed to America’s history.  They invented the cellular phone, door knob, refrigerator, guitar and more.  I believe as parents and grandparents, it is our responsibility to teach our children about American’s history.

Black History Month Activities

As a result, I created this word search on inventions made by African Americans. Its appropriate for ages 8+.  The kids may know the inventions, but they may not know that they were invented by African Americans.  Have them google the invention, so they can become familiar with the inventor.

This is a great way to have a family discussion. If not in your home, than their grandparents home.  Turn it into a fun, educational game.  It’s perfect for a road trip too.  You can download the printable here.

Have fun with the kids.  Also, be sure to check back for additional Black History posts.  You may also like:  African American Inventors. 

Visiting the Martin Luther King Childhood Home

Martin Luther King


First, in honor of Black History Month I wanted to honor Dr. Martin Luther King (MLK).   I wanted to share a few pictures that I took when I visited the Martin Luther King childhood home and the MLK Center for Non-Violent Social Change in Atlanta, Ga.  What a memorable trip.  Next, this is a picture of my sister and me sitting on the front porch of the home Dr. King grew up in.   Additionally, I will always treasure this picture.  Most importantly, I will cherish the feelings that I had when I stepped upon that porch.  It literally sent chills through me.

Witnessing history was truly an emotional experience, especially since the Civil Rights movement impacted me and my family significantly. Sharing it with my sister put the icing on the cake. We always have a good time together.




The home has been beautifully maintained and has lots of character.  It is actually quite large, four bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, study, parlor/living room, a bathroom and a huge backyard. I love the wrap around porch.



Martin Luther King wagon


This is the farm wagon that carried Dr. King’s coffin from his Ebenezer Baptist Church to Morehouse College, his alma mater, for the second service.  The wagon was pulled by 2 mules through Atlanta for 3.5 miles.  If everyone remembers, Mrs. King walked with her children ahead of the wagon in the funeral procession.


Martin Luther King


This is Dr. King’s final resting place at the King Center in Atlanta.  His wife Coretta Scott King was laid to rest beside him.


Martin Luther King
Last, across from the Kings’ Crypt is the eternal flame.  There is also the Civil Right Walk of Fame. Below are a few prints from the walk which include Dr. Maya Angelo, Sidney Poitier, Magic Johnson, and Maynard Jackson.  Maynard Jackson was the first black mayor in Atlanta.  My brother, Dr. Robert Holmes, wrote Maynard Jackson’s biography.
Finally, I hope that you enjoyed the photos of Dr. Martin Luther King childhood home.  Furthermore, I hope you remember and honor what Dr. King dedicated his life doing.   Be kind to and love one another, and take the time to learn something new during Black History Month.  Additionally, you may also like:  African American Inventors