How To Make a Sundae Bar For Kids

sundae bar for kids


First, I found these adorable ice cream bowls at my local Dollar General on the clearance rack.  They came in a set of 4, which included blue, green, white and pink with matching spoons.  I quickly grabbed them.  And thought they would be perfect for making ice cream sundaes with the grandkids.  Additionally, I loved the colors and the spoons.  It helped that they were nice and study for lifting a big scoop of ice cream covered with yummy candies from the bowl.


sundae bar ideas


Furthermore, did you know the most popular flavor of ice cream in the United States is vanilla.  Yes vanilla.  Second is chocolate, followed by strawberry, chocolate chip and butter pecan.  You should know, my favorite is butter pecan.  Yum, yum!  Also, children ages 2 – 12 and adults 45 plus eat the most ice cream.  I don’t indulge often, but I do enjoy a good bowl of ice cream occasionally.

sundae bar ideas

Needless to say, the kids love bananas and strawberries.  And  I love cherries.  So, we decided to use fruits on our sundae bar.  I was happy that they were receptive to add fruit to the bar.  Even if, it would end up covered with gooey chocolate.

In addition to the fruit, we added peanut butter pieces, walnuts, sprinkles, and Hershey’s chocolate syrup to the bar. Because the grandchildren love  vanilla ice cream, it was the ice cream of choice.  We had some much fun assembling our bowls.  But it looks like I forgot to include the bottles of sprinkles on the tray.  They were the attraction for the kid’s sundaes, lol.

Most of all, the sundaes were delicious and cheaper than going to Sweet Frog, lol.   Also, I let the kids add their own fixings and pour the syrup over the ice cream.  It makes it much more exciting.  Use your imagination, add whatever you wish.  Making a sundae bar for kids is a great family activity.

What is your favorite flavor?  We hope that you enjoyed our sundae bar for kids idea.  Leave us a comment, and let us know what other items you would add to your sundae bar for kids.