Stop Stealing My Blog Posts

Stop Stealing My Blog Posts! That’s right I’m talking to you. You know who you are. You have plagiarized 58 of my blog posts, and if you think that you’re going to get away with it you’ve come to the wrong blog. I welcome all of my readers/subscribers, but you’re not welcome here. So just go away, so that I don’t have to kick your ass again.

For those who aren’t up on what’s going on, I found my blog posts on Mother Love Baby when I was Googling a post. The site is registered under:

Deyan Radnev
Vasil Levski 22, vh. V
Lyaskovec, Veliko Turnovo 5140

Lets see if they steal this one. Mother Love Baby stole my posts and used my blog content on a forum relating to mothering, babies and love. They even stole a blog post with a picture of my grandson in it. How low can you go?  Are they a mother? I don’t know, but if this person or the person associated with stealing my blog posts is a mother she is not setting a good example for her forum members. Also, how do you set morals, values and standards for your children when you’re stealing from another person and turning their hard work into your own?  I would venture to say they’re stealing in their community too.

If you can’t come up with your own blog content, how can you lead a forum/community?  What a joke. To say that I’m pissed about my posts being stolen is an understatement. Blog plagiarizing is a violation. Being the bitch that I am when violated, I took action and reported the Blog Scraper to their host. Oh yes I did. They investigated Mother Love Baby and shut the site down. Rightfully so I may add.

To The Blog Scraper – If you admired my posts and wanted to use my content, you should have taken the proper steps and contacted me. You obviously aren’t familiar with blog etiquette, but that’s how we roll in the blogosphere. With permission and a link back to my site I may have allowed you to use a few posts. Since you’re just a low life, you just lifted and walked away with 58 and counting posts.

Since you had no respect for me, I have none for you. You chose to steal my blog content, and I chose to make you disappear. Be Gone! If you steal my posts again, I’m make you disappear again. I’m watching you, and I’m sure many other bloggers are watching you now as well.
What do you think about my posts being stolen? Have you been violated in this manner? What steps did you take? Leave us a comment.



  1. Anonymous says:

    That's horrible! Something similar happened to me too (I wrote reviews that I posted on Amazon), and those thieves impersonated me and posted under my name. A lot of them were foreign websites. They even "edited" my reviews into grammatically incorrect and sometimes even downright creepy versions of my original review.

    Glad you took actions against those low lives!!!

  2. @Brown Sugar Babies – It's a shame that we even have to protect ourselves from people stealing content from our blogs. If you can't put a sentence together, don't blog. 

    Unfortunately, the world that we live in is full of people with no morals & values.  Hostgator was on it the complaint, they took action immediately.

  3. have read – people stealing content of their blogs.  It's theft, pure and simple and blogspot needs to be cognizant of what is going on as well.  It's too bad we (bloggers) can't put a rt click code onto our blogs to prevent this.

  4. That is horrible.  Good for you for standing up for yourself!

  5. That's pretty messed up. I mean, people must know that his/her/whomever's content is just ripped from somewhere else. That's just really low, and seemingly pointless. Best of luck in figuring this mess out.

  6. Ugh!  How awful!  I hope this stops her/him/them in their tracks! (And maybe it already has?  I can't get to the page you linked.)

    Why is it hard to understand privacy/copyright/ownership when it comes to the Internet?  Just because it shows up on your screen doesn't mean it is free!