Skiing With Kids: Make It a Positive Experience


skiing with kids tips


Skiing can make a fantastic family holiday. However, it’s important to ensure that your children’s first trip to the slopes is a successful one. Otherwise, you could accidentally put them off of skiing for life.  One of the most important things to remember is that skiing with kids will be a very different experience from an adult skiing trip. But,  it’s still magical in different ways.  If you are planning on taking your children skiing, below are a few tips:


Be selective about your accommodation

One of the most vital factors is choosing the right accommodations.  Were you stay can make or break a trip when you have kids in tow.  Furthermore, it’s important to remember that when choosing the facilities and room requirements.  It’s also vital to select accommodations that’s as close to the slopes as possible.  For example, the Marriotts StreamSide Douglas at Vail has excellent accommodations. For the most part, skiing with kids can be trouble free.  However, most kids don’t like to walk far.  So, it makes sense to select a villa that is as close to the slopes as possible.

Practice beforehand

If your kids have never been skiing before, it pays to practice before the big trip.  If your have a local indoor slope, head to it.  It’s a perfect way to introduce them to the slopes and techniques beforehand. Preparing them on what to expect can ease any fears that they may have.  So, book a few lessons beforehand.


skiing with kids tips

Hire an instructor

While on your trip, it’s a good idea to hire a skiing instructor.  If you have family members who are at various levels, you can sign them up for different classes.  Additionally, you could split the instructors time. You can schedule individual lessons, some for the adults and some for the kids.  However, it’s often easier to hire one instructor for the duration of your trip and everyone learn together.


Don’t let them get too cold

One of the most important things about skiing with little ones is not to let them get too cold. Buying or renting all of the essential ski wear is essential.  However, it’s still possible for little ones to get really cold quite quickly. So, knowing how to keep your kids from getting cold is important.  Otherwise, they may not want to return to the slopes.  As a result, schedule regular breaks for having a cup of hot chocolate and warming up back at your lodge or in the Après bar.

Skiing with kids can be a lot of fun.  Snow holidays can make the best family trips. So, if you want to ensure that your family skiing trip is a success plan.  Make sure that your children’s first skiing experience is a positive and a fun one. Otherwise, it could end their desire to ever go skiing again for life.



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  1. So true about getting them used to the skiing gear an how it feels beforehand. When I was little my father made every single mistake getting me to ski and I never liked it until I turned 25 and was on my own. My little boy loves it and we enjoy skiing vacations as a family.