Should We Take His Pacifier?

As you can see my little sweetie is a character. Don’t you love his hat? He also has another attachment, his pacifier. He’s almost 2 and my daughter thinks he’s getting too old to have it. Pediatricians recommend that toddlers be weaned from their pacifiers by 2. She and my son-in-law want to put him in nursery school for a few hours a day so he can play with other children, and they believe he should be off the pacifier. How old should a child be when you take their
nip nip? He absolutely loves it. Gran thinks she should leave him alone and let him give it up when he’s ready. I don’t expect him to be walking around with his nip nip when he’s 3, but now it soothes him.

He was a thumb sucker when he was born, and I’m concerned that he will revert although research has shown that most toddlers don’t revert when they’re weaned. There are also other concerns, interference with speech, dental problems and ear infections. I’ve seen no signs of either. I think he will gradually give it up when he learns to sooth himself. I must admit he hangs on to it tightly. If you try to take it, he’ll fight you for it. I meant that literally.  If we have a discussion about it, he understands.  He will run to it, pick it up and suck on it for dear life. He’s such a sweetie and oh so adorable. I simply can’t stand to see or hear him in distress.

How old was your child when you weaned them? I would love to hear your story, please leave a comment.



  1. Peyton never took one…I know that it something I am thankful of…I do believe it is time to say goodbye…hugs to you in the process!!!

  2. Rhonda,

    We opted for pacifiers instead of fingers because they could be taken away or lost forever and not found until the child was 21. The period from lost to never needed again was a little difficult, but not so bad. It sure is easier than trying to keep fingers out of their mouth and future dental bills.

    So far, at the young ages of seven, five, and two, everyone seems to be well developed mentally and they only ask to light up (just kidding) every once in a while. I hope the transition goes well for the two of you.

  3. Hi Pam,

    Thanks for responding.  I love the idea of paying for a toy with the pacifier.  Great idea.  I think he would be ready to give up by 2 1/2, he's clearly not ready now.  I love comments, please visit me again.

  4. Hi Staci,

    Thanks for commenting.  My daughter & SIL have tried giving it to him only at bed time or naps too, he's so smart when they give it back he won't give it up.  He hands on for dear life.  It's as if he knows they plan to take it, lol.  I think it soothes him.

    I've told them not to take the age limit so seriously, children progress at different rates.  I hate to see him so upset.

  5. Hi Faige,

    I agree that he will resort to a substitute if they take the pacifier away too soon as well.  I mentioned this to my daughter.  I believe they are rethinking things now.  Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate your input.  Please visit again, I love comments!

  6. Hi Yvette,

    Thanks for the resposnse.  We gave him the pacifier because he sucked his thumb.  We thought it would be easier to wean from the pacifier.  I agree, when he starts interacting with other children he will lose interest in the Nip Nip.  Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your advise.

  7. I am a very permissive mother and because I know that I could never take a pacifier away(if it was time) I just never started with one.All my kids have never had one and lucky for me did not start thumb sucking either.I would advise to leave well alone.Once they start interacting with other kids and see that it's not so "in" I think he will stop…

  8. Two of my kids were thumb suckers. (I have 6) One stopped when she was 12 the other when she was 7.
    I think if you take the pacifiers away when they are too young they have problems later on with smoking and stuff like that as they always feel they are missing something in their mouths if they don't give it up willingly.

  9. I let my kids have it for quite awhile.  I don't care if doctors say that, they aren't their Moms!  LOL That is me and it doesn't matter to me or my hubby.

  10. We weaned our son from his pacifier when he was about 2 1/2.  First of all, though, he went from being able to use it at anytime to just being able to use it when he was sleeping (ie., naps and bedtime).  It was a much smoother transition than planned.  We chose a day in advance (my last day of work before my maternity leave for baby #2) and talked about the "deet fairy" and how she would come and take his "deet" but leave him a present.  That night, he woke up screaming at 5 and ended up finding one that the fairy didn't take but the next morning, he gave it up in order to keep his toy that was left and never really looked back.  I've also heard of people who went into a store ahead of time and made a deal with the cashier that the child would choose a toy and pay for it with his pacifiers.

    Good luck!

  11. I took my son's plug (aka pacifier) in April. He will be 4 in September. With that said he only had the plug at bedtime, nap time, and LOOOONG car rides…. He stopped using it during the day when he was three….

    My daughter was 2 in March and she still has it. Same rules… Only for bed and long car rides… She still uses it to soothe and will go to her room climb in her bed and suck it for a few minutes, then come back downstairs after she is calmed down….

    She does take it to kids club at the gym sometimes 🙂 She still uses it to soothe, so I let her when she needs too…

    They will give it up when they are ready! 🙂