Santa Banned From Saying Ho Ho Ho

Will Santa be banned from saying Ho Ho Ho? Santas in Sydney, Australia are being told to say Ha Ha Ha instead of Ho Ho Ho because they may offend women and frighten children. Negativity from the use of the word “Ho” in the United States has caused a controversy and would be Santas are rebelling. Santas are refusing to abide and are quiting the business rather than give up the traditional Ho Ho Ho.

When I think of the words Ho Ho Ho, promiscious women are the furtherest from my mind. When rappers refer to women, they use the word Ho not Ho Ho Ho. Those three words are Santa’s customary greeting, and they are associated with one of the most joyous times of the year. Children expect to hear Santa greet them with Ho Ho Ho. In my opinion, the world is in a sad state when Santa is being told to no longer use his greeting because he may offend women and frighten children. I don’t remember a time when my daughter was frightened by the words nor was I offended when I hear Santa shout them out. Furthermore, during the time that my daughter believed in Santa Claus, she had no knowledge of a promicious women. How many children in this age group do?

What I find offensive is the drunken Santas of the world. Falling down, stumbling, and cursing Santas are shown regularly on television and can be seen at the local malls. What’s being done to remedy that problem? There aren’t many traditions left in today’s society. It’s hard to believe that someone would tamper with this one.