Remove The Bull

I went to visit my little darlings this past weekend so we could pick out pumpkins for Halloween. We decided to go to a different pumpkin patch this year, oh my.  When we arrived, we decided to jump on the hayride, which was quite different from what we were used to when visiting the other pumpkin patch we normally go to.  The idea was to take us on the opposite side of the farm where the kids could play on the haystack slide, bounce house and other activities.  

As we were riding along, I spotted these beautiful horses.  So cute with the foal taking a nap, but my grandson spotted the huge bull in the above picture heading over to the wagon to say hello. It didn’t go over well, as you can see my grandson was not a happy camper and ran to Mawmaw to rescue him.  The driver explained that the bull weighed 2,000 pounds, but in my grandson’s mind it was 5,000 pounds. The driver was courtesy, when he saw that my grandson was upset he drive away.  The funniest thing was his 3 year old sister telling him that the poppa cow just wanted to kiss him.  Xavier wasn’t having any of it.  He just wanted to move away from that huge monster of a cow that wanted to eat him.    

These were happier times.  We hoped off the hay wagon and headed to the teepees and pumpkin patch.  Xavier soon forgot about the bull and had a great time inside the teepee and Zarriah in the pumpkin patch.  

This was our first visit to Taylor Farms in Virginia Beach, VA.  We had a great time and will return. If you’re visiting or live in the Hampton’s Road area, be sure to pay them a visit. This pumpkin patch is a great family spot, easy parking, it allows many photo opportunities to capture memories and it’s designed to fit a limited budget.  




  1. You should have gotten someone to take your picture so that you could be the 3rd face in that last one! Your grandchildren are just adorable! Hope everyone has a fun Halloween!

    • Their cousin is in the picture.  I blocked out her face since I didn't have permission to post her picture.  The next time I will jump in.  Thanks for the idea.