Blogging Tips From Pro Bloggers – On The Scene With Mrs. Kathy King #BloggerInterviews

This is the first interview of a series that I will be doing
on Mother 2 Mother. My goal is to
provide resources and information that will assist beginner bloggers and others who wish to grow their blog or who are interested in turning their
hobby into a professional site. My
interviews will be with Professional Bloggers who have already achieved this
goal, and are willing to share a few tips and tricks to help others succeed.

Today I’m On the
Scene with Mrs. Kathy King.  Let’s begin
the interview:

Question 1 – Please
tell our readers a little about yourself:

Mrs. Kathy King – “I’m just me. It’s only by the grace of God I’m even where I’m at.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would
be blogging.  One of the reasons why I
blog is so I can be home with my daughter. When I first started blogging I had
just changed my job.  I’m a corporate
girl, I got laid off.  I was making six
figures, so I figured that it would be better for me to learn how to save money
now that I had lost my job. This was after 2008, I didn’t know if the market
would ever allow me to make six figures again. I made a conscious effort to
learn how to save money.”

“My hobby, couponing, turned into an actual site; however,
things changed. I started reporting the best deals, anything that was family
friendly that moms could enjoy. “It took me about six
months to grow my following from 1 follower to 16,000 on Facebook.”

“In 2013, I started going to actual blogger conventions;
however, my passion had changed. My true passion is my family, and my
daughter.  After going to a couple of
amazing blogger conventions which I recommend anyone who wants to be successful
blogging, they have to invest time to go to blogger conventions. If they don’t
have the money they never know what God can do because in 2013, I didn’t have
the budget to afford it, but I noticed where some of the places where giving
away scholarships.  I applied to the
different scholarships and two of the places I wanted to go I actually received
scholarship funds. You never know what God can do.  I was blessed to go.” 

“I did something that most bloggers fear, fear. I decided to
change my site. By this time I had already invested 2 ½ – 3 years into my site,
and I decided I don’t want a Deal Blog. I’m going to change my entire name. I
went from being a Deal Blogger to actually putting myself in front of my
audience.  Because I was in marketing, I
think that the more you put yourself in front of your audience and the more you
Brand your blog as yourself, the better of a Brand you get.  I was in marketing for years before starting my site.  So I know that it was important to put yourself in front of your audience because it helps to establish a relationship and build a brand.”

The huge risks were:

Would my fans like it?
Would they be receptive?
Would they think I had an ego?

“By the end of 2014, my fans loved it. My user engagement
increased and my fan loyalty increased. 
People like seeing a real face, a real woman in front instead of just
being behind a blog name.
Question 2 – Where you
already on WordPress? There’s a debate going on as to whether bloggers can be
successful on the Blogger platform.

Mrs. Kathy King – “In
the beginning of my blog I started off on Blogger. Because of my Marketing
background I wanted to change for these reasons:

1.      You get better SEO
Better capabilities
You own the database
Better opportunities

Most people stay on Blogger for these reasons:

They don’t want to spend the money
Their blog is a hobby

If you want to make your blog a business, you should move to WordPress.  I started on a VPN server and than as my site grew, I was blessed to move to a Dedicated server.” 

Question 3 – Share your
experience when you attended the World Premiere of Cinderella
followed you on Facebook, and my favorite pictures where when you were on the
red carpet and the one with you standing beside Cinderella’s ball gown.

Mrs. Kathy King  “Cinderella is every girl’s dream. Everyone wants to see their Fairy God
Mother. It was one of the most amazing experiences that God could have ever
given me. It was a very diverse group of bloggers that attended.  At the end of the day, Cinderella is
universal.  J.C. Penny provided hair
stylists, a makeup artist and light hor d’oeuvres.  They accessorized you; it was the first time
that I was sponsored and Sydney’s Closet, a major dress company, sent me the perfect dress.
It was amazing.”

Question 4 – How do you
connect with Brands?

Mrs. Kathy King –
There are several ways to connect with Brands:

Add yourself to CISION
Send them a letter. Provide your stats. Look
professional from your posts.
Follow Brands on Tweeter. Their social media
people live on Twitter.
Brands are watching you. Start writing about
Brands that you like. Not everything has to be given to you.

“A touchy subject is to charge. Your time is valuable.  Make sure everything you do on your site
benefits your fans and your home. Make sure you value yourself. Do I charge for everything? I do not, but I now have a clear understanding of the time it takes for me to do a social selfie, send out a tweet, write a sponsored post or video. Therefore, I charge and schedule my time accordingly.” 

Make sure your blog works for you. What does
money look like to you?  What does
payment look like to you?  I even charge
to tweet. I’ve become more of a helpful tips kind of site instead of a product
review site. If you have questions on whom you can charge or not change email
me at “

“Get an editorial calendar and write in series.  For example, I write several Cinderella
posts.  I have several Easter posts and I
like them. You have to have your own voice before you follow other bloggers
because you just end up copying them. That’s not fair to them and that makes
people not like you.

Make your theme work for you. With events, Disney is
something I do for fun.  The DVDs are
something I do for my fans and I have a 2 year old.  So of course owning a DVD collection is a
great thing to do.”

Question 5 – What
advice would you gave bloggers on how to promote their on-line presence on
Facebook and Twitter?

Mrs. Kathy King – “The
reason why Facebook and Twitter are my biggest followings is because Facebook
was the number one social media when I first started, so that’s what I focused
on building. Twitter was the second venue, so those were the two things I
focused on building. Although in the end I should have focused on Twitter
instead of Facebook.”

  • Facebook is about
    engagement. It’s about sharing other people’s information. Become more of a
    curator.  Share videos and people’s
  • Twitter is about
    engagement too. Talk to people and retweet with other bloggers.
  • Pinterest is
    about being consistent. Pin popular pins. Make sure your pins are being shared
    too. Invest in blogger social media groups. 
    Groups that like to share each other pins and tweets.
  • Instagram is
    about sharing pictures.
  • Growing your fan base isn’t about getting your fan base
    right out the door. It takes time.
Question 6 – If you had
2 minutes to give new bloggers advice, what would it be?
Mrs. Kathy King – “Don’t get stressed because you don’t know what your own voice is, because it
takes time. Know your worth and do not sell yourself short. If you want this to be your full time job, h
ave the courage to go in there with a price because you
never know if they’re willing to pay.”  

Kathy is a Social Media Strategist, Pro Blogger & Influencer. When she is not blogging or promoting Brands On The Scene With Mrs. Kathy King, she enjoys spending time with her husband Matt and their 3 children. Kathy and her family reside in Long Beach, CA.    



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