Printable Scrapbook Page: Summer Page 1

Do you scrapbook?  I started scraping several years ago, and I’m hooked.  I love preserving family memories, especially my grandchildren.  I love grabbing the albums that I’ve completed and sharing the memories with other family.  I always tell a story when I going through them with my grandchildren.  They love hearing about themselves or whomever is in the picture.  We spend hours laughing and reminiscing.   

I have hundreds of pictures that need to be added to books.  I’ve invested in paper, stickers, albums, glue, you name it.  I have the Cricut machine and the cartridges for die cuts.  I love scrapping.

I shop for all my scrapbooking supplies at discount stores or sales at Michael’s.  I’ve found stickers, buttons,albums and paper at Big Lots, Ollies, and the Dollar Store.  You can also find great deals on line. Oriental Trading is a great place to purchase Brads and paper.  Purchase when they have free shipping.  The also have premade scrapbooks for those who are confident in laying out pages just yet.  I look at my pages now versus when I started years and ago, and I’ve come a long way in my creativity.  

Feel free to print this page.  It’s one of my favorites, and would be great to create memories of those beautiful flowers you have growing in your garden this summer.  I will be posting the coordinating page in my next free printable post.