Port Authority Rolling Cooler Review

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I received an offer to review a product from Apparel N Bags, and readily accepted.  I love their products.  I’m going to the beach in a few weeks, and decided to check out the Port Authority Rolling Cooler.  I love being able to take cool beverages and snacks to the beach.  It seems like service takes forever when you’re waiting for a waiter or waitress to bring an order.  It’s even worst if when you have hungry, thirsty children who are demanding to have their cravings satisfied.

The box finally arrived.  As usual, Apparel N Bags didn’t disappoint. The cooler was about the size that I expected. I selected black and grey; however, it comes in black and red and black and blue. It’s a quality product as the majority of their products are.  The zippers are sturdy, in my opinion will hold up for some time.  There’s a pocket on the front, which could be used to hold keys, money, a tablet, or that book you’ve been wanting to read for months.


Port Authority Rolling Cooler


You can see the width of the cooler below.  There’s plenty of room for ice, drinks and snacks that need to be on ice. There’s a shelf that fits inside the cooler if you need to keep things cool, but you don’t want the items directly on ice.


Additionally, the rolling cooler has side straps just in case you need to get a good grip when lifting it to and from your vehicle. The handle was easy to raise and lower.  There is also a zippered compartment on top of the cooler.  It’s not as large as the compartment on the front of the cooler, but it provides additional space.  Perfect for small plates and utensils. The best feature, the price is only $40.00.  Awesome!

Finally, Apparel N Bags has a large selection of apparel, which includes Nike and Adidas golf shirts, Nike hats, business shirts and a host of other items.  The prices are unbelievably low. I suggest that you head over and check out this site for yourself. They have a great selection of bags in an array of colors. I highly recommend this backpack. It’s a great for a Christmas gift, but it’s also a perfect place to pick up a birthday gift or items just for you.

Note:  I received this rolling cooler as compensation for the review for this post; however, my opinions are my own.

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  1. Love they have invented a cooler on wheels! I hate having to heave a cooler around for picnics #snappedup

    • Rhonda Gales says:

      I love the cooler.  It has come in handy when we’re traveling or entertaining in the backyard.  I highly recommend it.

  2. This would be great for camping trips and picnics. Su #snappedup

  3. What a great product to use for a day out picnic with the family. I always find we run out of room on the regular-sized cooler bags, so this one is great. Actually, it would also work really well for the weekly shop in keeping items cool until you get home. Great to discover new products like this.

    • Rhonda Gales says:

      Hi Lauretta.  I love, love, love this cooler.  I not only use it at home, but road trips.  I recently took an 8 hour trip and used this cooler to keep food cool along the way.  The majority of the ice was still frozen when we reached our destination. It’s amazing.  Thanks for stopping by.  Please come back.