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I was given the opportunity to review the Pentex Camera Cleaning Pen and I accepted. I’m an amateur photographer who has a lot to learn about taking pictures and maintaining my equipment, so I thought the pen would be a great place to start in learning how to clean my camera.

The pen arrived in a blue velvet pouch, which is perfect for keeping track of the pen. It’s the perfect size for carrying in your purse or camera bag.  I removed the pen from the pouch and put it to use. It has a retractable brush, which is so soft. Have no fear of scratching your camera or lens. It does a great job in removing the dust from the lens and camera. I decided to use on my binoculars and phone as well. 


camera maintenance, camera cleaning


You can see the pen in the picture, it has tools on both ends.  The brush on one end and a carbon cleaning pad on the other.  I keep my camera lens covered with a cap when not in use to minimize scratches and dust.  I started with the brush. I dusted the camera all over and removed the cap to clean the lens.  I was amazed at how dirty it was. I followed the lens brush cleaning with the carbon cleaning pad.  My mouth fell open, the lens was glowing. It was smudge and dust free.  I grabbed all of the lens for my camera and went to work.   I cleaned the view finder and every nook and cranny on the camera.



camera maintenance, camera cleaning tips


Another thing that I like about the cleaning pen is that it does not require additional cleaning fluids.  The carbon cleaning pad is patented, environment friendly, non-toxic,  and alcohol and ammonia free!

I highly recommend this cleaning pen for both professional and amateurs photographers.  This pen would make a great gift for photographers, Christmas, birthday or any time.

Note: I received the Pentex Camera Cleaning Pen in exchange for the review; however, all opinions are my own. 


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  1. I bought one of these recently at a photo class and I really love it! Amazing how dirty your lens can get really quickly.

    • Rhonda Gales says:

      Yes, I was surprised at how clean my lens became after using it.  They are wonderful. What kind of photography class are you taking?

  2. Thank you! My camera needs a good cleaning and I had no idea this product existed!

    • Rhonda Gales says:

      Hi Joyce.  I didn’t know either, but I’m so glad it that it was brought to my attention. I was stunned at how clean my lens become after using the brush and cleaning pad. I will always a camera cleaning pen from this point forward.