Parenting 101 Please



If I read one more story about a child being abandoned, left in a hot car, neighborhood parks while mom is working or carjacked while mom is paying for gas I’m going to scream. I read these stories, and I’m in disbelieve.  It’s one after the other. People need a licence to have a dog, but anyone can be a parent. There’s no background checks, credit checks, education requirement, income requirement, we can just procreate. Many can’t afford to buy a box of pampers or can of milk for their child, but they have them and with no thought on how they’re going to take care of them. Providing a safe and productive life is an afterthought.   

The latest that I came across is a mom who left her daughter in the park while she went to work at McDonald’s. Her daughter asked to dropped off there, and she accommodated her.  Can we say, use a little common sense please. The mom stated that she had previously taken the girl to work with her, and while she was working her daughter played on the laptop.  The laptop was stolen after their home was broken into, and she couldn’t afford child care. She gave her daughter a cell phone in case of an emergency, and left her in the park.  

Someone questioned the little girl after seeing her without adult supervision and detected that she was there alone and called the cops. The girl’s mother was arrested for abandonment, and she is in the hands of social services. As hard as I try, I just can’t understand parents who do these things. It’s just poor parenting no matter how you look at. I admire this mom for working to help provide for her child, but putting her child at risk to do so is senseless.  

I understand childcare is expensive, it’s expensive to raise children. I understand single mothers who have to work to make ends meet and don’t have a strong support system, but as parents we must take our child’s welfare into consideration when making decisions. This child could have been snatched by some pervert, and never seen again. I’m sure her stay in jail will cause her to think twice about her poor decision, and hopefully she will be made to take a few parenting classes.  



  1. I love the soap box you are on and I will join you! I've always questioned why you didn't need a license to have children. Now granted I probably wouldn't be here if my mother had needed one but still! And why is it that those who are the least capable of raising children seem to want to have the most of them? It really is a bad situation and like you — I just want to scream.

    • I love you Grandma KC.  My mother should have been screened before she had seven for sure.  Thank goodness my father was in the home, and we turned out stable for the most the part.  He was an excellent dad and a great provider.  I agree, those who are the least capable are the ones who have the most children.  Unfortunately the children pay the biggest price, and we as a society usually end up footing the bill for their care. 

  2. It seems you need a license for everything…except parenting. 

    • So true Terra.  You need a permit to add onto your house, a license to drive, own a gun and the list goes on, but anyone can have a baby qualified or not.