A Parade of Horses

Welcome to my parade of horses. I found them along the streets of Ogden, UT. I travel to Ogden several times a year. It has become one of my favorite places to visit. The mountains are beautiful, the food is delicious, the people are warm and welcoming and the Marriott has the best beds. I’ll make the trip across country for these perks anytime.

When I walked into the Marriott lobby my usual spot to crash when I’m visiting, I spotted a replica of a horse with a beautiful painting on its body. I thought it was unique and decided to snap a photo to use for my Wordless Wednesday post. I thought nothing else of it after taking the picture.

The next day I went to lunch with a few co-workers and noticed replicas of full sized horses along the sidewalk as far as I could see. I was in awe! I love horses, and hope to own a few when I retire. One of the ladies stated that I should take a stroll when I returned to the hotel that evening and check them out. That’s exactly what I did, and I was not disappointed. They put on quite a show for visitors and residents alike. They were simply breathtaking. Some were on their hind legs and others in a grazing position. It was if they knew they were on display.

The horses could be found in a variety of colors and each displayed a magnificent scene. I saw everything from a 1966 yellow mustang to one covered in money. The horses were unveiled on July 3rd and will remain on display until October 1. The plan was to display 75 horses for Ogden Pioneer Days, but because of budget restraints only 55 are on display. Artists from across the country paint the horses and each has a sponsor. It takes as much work to display the horses as it does to paint them. Twenty people were needed for two days to secure the horses to concrete bases and set them in their locations.

I couldn’t get enough, I walked for blocks. As I was viewing the horses, I wondered what inspired the artists. Each horse has the artist’s name and the sponsor listed beneath it. I wondered what I would have painted on my canvass if I had the ability to paint. I thought maybe the Ben Lomond or Mt Ogden mountains that stood so majestically in the background. A trained filled with children rolled by, and I thought maybe I would have painted a choo choo full of children or the historical buildings that lined the streets. I admired the colors, they were so warm and bright and every hue imaginable could be found on the horses. You could hear the children’s excitment when they saw the horses. I giggled as I watched them run toward them. That’s exactly what I wanted to do, but as an adult I maintained control. Damn, I hate being a grown up at times. I wanted to let the child within out.

It was a fascinating stroll. With a heavy heart I bid Ogden farewell. I’ll be heading back east, but it’s surprises like this that keep me coming back and come back I will. You can count on it.



  1. That is amazing. 55 of them, that is still astonishing! What a pleasant surprise and I bet a wonderful stroll around to take in some beautiful art, even more so with your love of horses.

    Thank you so much for stopping by today. You are right, my daughter does have a love for horses. Her grandmother is crazy about them, so I know where she gets it from!

  2. Cool…we had a similar thing in Dallas they did with pegasus statues.

  3. Oh WOW Those are awesome! Great detail and it's like they tell a story!!


  4. They are beautiful!  Interesting to read that so many towns have done similar displays.  Here in Los Angeles, we had angels a few years ago.

  5. Thanks for sharing them! We have something like this in a city near us…they have penguins. It's just neat though because they are so surprising. Not one is alike. I love that last one with Washington.

  6. so so cool! I'm only about an hour and a half from ogden and I've never heard of this.

  7. Oh wow, those are amazing!

  8. Those are beautiful.  I can just imagine the kids walking past them and how excited they had to be.  Thanks for sharing such a beautiful town.

  9. Wow those are cool!  They had bulldogs in a town near me a couple of years ago, and airplanes in the town I used to live in.  I love to see what the artists come up with.