22 Fun and Creative Winter Crafts For Kids

winter crafts for kids

      Winter can be a boring time for kids unless you have fun activities planned for them.  We have 22 fun and creative kid's winter crafts that will get them off the electronics.  Our roundup of kid's winter crafts will stop the boredom. Children need to be motivated, stimulated and encouraged to create.  Get out the … [Continue]

Inspirational Quote – Accomplishments

inspirational quote


20 Game Day Finger Licking Good Chicken Wing Recipes

chicken wing recipes

    Having a game day party?  We have 20 chicken wing recipes that are perfect for appetizers, pot lucks, family gatherings and more.  Wings are perfect for dipping and leave you licking your fingers.  You can make them sweet, hot, with lemon and pepper or plain.  Try any of these water mouthing chicken wing recipes for your … [Continue]

Sunday’s Best Linkup – #106

Sunday's Best Linkup

    Welcome to Week 106 of Mother 2 Mother’s Sunday’s Best Linkup.  We're starting our Be My Valentine theme.  We're looking for crafts, gift ideas, recipes, date night ideas, movie ideas, cocktails, and more.  We also welcome other recipes, crafts, DIY, home makeover, gardening tips, SEO & blogging information, sewing … [Continue]

Game Day NFL Referee Signals 101

NFL Referee Signals

Super Bowl Sunday is a day filled with great food, family, friends, noise and lots of fun.  However, not everyone is a football enthusiast. But that doesn't mean that they don't want to be a part of the excitement and conversation. Women are more involved than ever when it comes to sports and game day.  As a matter of fact, Sarah Thomas became … [Continue]

9 Tips to Increase Your Vegetable Garden Production

vegetable garden

  Owning a vegetable garden is an ancient practice that has survived centuries. Using a great lawn sweeper in your yard can add untold beauty to your home.  A lawn can be used for more than just flower gardens. Vegetable gardens allow you to eat homegrown crops all year round. As promising as this may seem, it is unfortunate that many … [Continue]

12 Memory Boosters For Children

    It can be difficult to encourage kids to study hard.  If you have children who don’t want to do school homework, and you want them to be more alert, the good news is that you can help your children’s brain reach its optimum development.  Feeding them the right types of food is essential.  Helping to keep your children alert, happy … [Continue]

Sunday’s Best Linkup – #107

Sunday's Best Linkup

      Welcome to Week 107 of Mother 2 Mother’s Sunday’s Best Linkup.  The Sunday's Best team wishes each of you a Blessed and Happy New Year. This is the last week of our It's A New Year theme.  The parties may be over, but we can still focus on new resolutions, new goals, and renewed hopes and dreams.   Share recipes, … [Continue]

Fun Crafts You Can Do Once The Kids Have Gone To Bed

fun crafts

  It’s always a nice time when the kids go to bed. After all, it gives you some time to rest and prepare for the next day. But rather than spend the night in front of the television get creative.  After all, being creative is a great way to relieve some of the day’s stress.  And you will feel a sense of achievement.  Here are some fun … [Continue]

Kid’s Birthday Ideas For An Extra Special Year

kid's birthday ideas

  Most parents know how great birthdays can be for little children.  Many parents also go out of their way to make it as special as possible. After all, you do want your kids to enjoy themselves on their special day.  And achieving that is often a matter of ensuring that certain things are in line for the day.  If your child is in need of … [Continue]