Packages for our Troops Needed

Giggles & Sugar Kisses will be shipping packages to our troops in Iraq from 12/16 /08 through 1/1/09. They’ve sent a list of items they would like to have and we’re looking for donations.

Their list includes hard candy, homemade cookies, chips, envelopes & writing paper, pens, deodorant, tooth brushes, tooth paste, food powder, lotion, sun screen, chap stick, batteries (AA, AAA & D), gum, sports and/or automotive magazines less than 2 months old, disposal razors, white socks, cheese & peanut butter crackers, ramen/cup o noodles.

For the ladies, sanity products, magazines less than 2 months old, shampoo, conditioner, hair brushes & combs, unscented baby wipes, toilet paper on rolls, packets of Kleenex, shower shoes, cans or packages of nuts, facial moisturizer, unscented lotions, hand sanitizer, and paper back books.

Homemade cards from your child or children would be a nice surprise for them. If you’re interested in participating please send your goods to:

Giggles & Sugar Kisses
58 Aldrin Lane
Martinsburg, WV 25403
Lets wish our troops a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year from the Giggles & Sugar Kisses Family. Leave us a comment on what you’re doing to help someone this holiday season. 



  1. Do you have a button for this?  I’d love to put it up on my blog.  What an awesome idea!

    Thanks for putting this together!  What a wonderful RAK!

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Thank God for Angels among us. My hubby’s daughter is in Afghanistan until Feb.  she was in Iraq twice already.  We pray for all of our soldiers to return safe and sound.

  3. This is A number 1 act of kindness if you ask me.

    Great Fun Monday entry.

  4. Wonderful project. Thank you for your special effort.
    Our son-in-law has been deployed twice to Iraq and will be going again in April.

  5. This is an awesome post! At Mommy Gossip—GNO, we are doing a random acts of kindness (RAK) Challenge. We are featuring all participants and their blogs in a newsletter. If you are interested, visit this post & enter: