No Spanking Allowed?

Spanking A Misdemeanor? It could be in the state of California. A California legislator proposed a state bill that would make spanking a child under the age of 4 a misdemeanor, parents and experts have been debating what’s the best form of discipline.

Personally, I can count the number of times that I had to spank my daughter. I tapped her fingers occasionally for touching items that were off limits, but talking to her was my usual method of getting through or taking away privileges. The times that I did tap her fingers, she remembered not to do it again. So spanking does have its benefits as long as it’s done with a huge mixture of love. I also believe there is a line that must be drawn when we’re disciplining our children, and the world is filled with many parents who cross it. As a result, there must be laws in place for this kind of abuse. The use of physical punishment to discipline children is already illegal in Austria, Finland, Germany and Sweden.

A researcher from the University of New Orleans believes spanking and hitting can lead to later emotional and behavioral problems. He believes children who are only smacked occasionally are more likely to show signs of depression or lower self-esteem. My daughter turned out to be a healthy, productive, well educated young lady so I beg to differ with this researcher. I believe that children who aren’t disciplined will show greater signs of emotional and behaviorial problems as well as a sense of Entitlement. Have you noticed that children these days don’t have manners, respect for elders, possessions, money or many other things as a result of a lack of discipline. We must discipline our children, and I believe education on how we should go about it is the key. We would love to hear your views on this subject, and the methods you use to discipline your children.

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